Put down your phones, it's time to actually interact with the people you're drinking with. At St. Pete Brewing Company puppy filters aren't top priority and local brews are the only thing on draft. With an extra large Connect Four, Jenga (original and 2x4 sizes), corn hole AND a Nintendo64, St. Pete Brewing Company takes you right back to the 90's - but this time, you're not drinking Tang.

But First, Craft Beer

Angelina Bruno
If being trendy is what you’re concerned about, local brews are always Instagram worthy. Each draft is written on skateboards next to the bar with alcohol by volume, and in most cases little pictures to accompany - like Throat Punch - you get the idea. Haven’t really tried IPAs and aren’t sure how hoppy you can go? Little plastic shot glasses are on hand so you can sample before you buy. I suggest the St. Pete Orange Wheat if you’re dipping your toe in the water and tend to enjoy beers like Blue Moon and Shock Top.

Time to Get Nostalgic

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Angelina Bruno

The 90’s were all about manhunt and playing video games with your friends until you broke the controller over your knee when you couldn’t beat Kupa at the final stage of the castle… oh, was that just me? St. Pete Brewing Co. has a Nintendo64 on hand to bring you and your friends together to take on Rainbow Road for an intense race on Mario Cart.

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Angelina Bruno

Let’s leave living through our social networks in 2016. Sitting at a bar looking at other people’s Snap stories - wtf is that about? Time to unplug from the Matrix and spend some quality time with your drunk friends while kicking their asses in retro games like Mario Kart and Connect Four.

St. Pete Brewing Company is located at 544 1st Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Hours: Sun 12 - 10PM, Mon-Thurs 2 - 10PM, Fri & Sat 12PM - 12AM