Although the United States (NYC in particular) is filled with bakeries at every corner, finding a good bakery that serves high quality products can sometimes be a struggle. Most of the time, baked goods look much better than they actually taste. After extensive research (for scientific purposes of course), I found one of the best bakeries around: Ovenly.

With locations scattered throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, a bakery known as Ovenly is bringing amazing treats to the Big Apple. The business was started by Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin after they met at a food-oriented book club. They knew that they wanted to start a business, and soon enough, Ovenly came about.

It wasn't always a bakery, though. It was actually going to be a packaged snack company, but after a request for baked goods from a client, Agatha and Erin couldn't resist. Nine months after they shipped their first box of scones out, both of the founders quit their jobs to pursue Ovenly full-time. And boy, was that a good decision.

What Does Ovenly Bake?

At Ovenly, you can find classic treats that you remember from your mom's kitchen, but with a twist. Take their currant-rosemary scones, for example. The unexpected combination makes for the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Ovenly also makes many gluten-free and vegan products, so even people with special dietary needs can find delicious products to try.

Ovenly also serves up the most moist and flavorful cakes, like the Brooklyn Blackout Cake pictured above. The cake is baked with stout from a local brewery and smothered with salted chocolate pudding buttercream. It's even known as the favorite cake of the acclaimed chef Mario Batali.

Ovenly's most popular treats are their salted chocolate chip cookie and salted peanut butter cookie (pictured above).  The peanut butter cookie is gluten-free and made with only five ingredients. The little circles of perfection are also sprinkled with sea salt to make the most incredible sweet-salty combo. 

Where Can I Find Ovenly Products?

If you don't live near NYC but still want to try some of Ovenly's mouthwatering treats, you can order here for goodies to be shipped right to your front door. No matter what you order, you won't be disappointed.