“Who doesn’t love fries?”

This is the motto of Peter Wroe -- founder, chef, and part-owner of Order of Fries on State Street in New Haven, CT. Order of Fries is a single-concept restaurant focused exclusively on the art of the French fry.

The French fries are made-to-order and served with the option of 10 homemade dipping sauces or Wroe’s homemade chili. You can’t go wrong either way.

The Process

Drew Glaeser

One of the keys to Wroe’s culinary perfection is his use of the best ingredients-- starting with potatoes shipped directly from Idaho

Drew Glaeser

He peels and slices the potatoes with a special machine to achieve the perfect French fry size and shape. Next, he fries them for two minutes in canola oil. The fries come out crispy with almost no greasy residue. 

The Toppings 

poutine, cheese
Drew Glaeser

Wroe garnished our spuds in his homemade chili with a scoop of red and white onion and a handful of cheddar cheese. The blend of spices in the chili gave each bite a wide array of flavors without overpowering or detracting from the simple deliciousness of the fries.

If you're not a fan of chili, the dipping sauces are enough of a reason to check out Wroe’s potato enclave. Wroe’s favorite sauce-- and the most popular among patrons-- is the rosemary aioli. The aioli’s fluffy texture perfectly contrasts the crunch of the fry, while the rosemary adds a bougie twist to a classic dish.

coffee, cream, dairy product, milk
Cameron Koffman

Our favorite sauce was the truffle mayo. The sauce made us feel like we were at a bistro in Paris consuming authentic truffle fries (and not in downtown New Haven). If mayo grosses you out, there are plenty of alternatives, including the beloved curry ketchup. 

The Accompaniments 

pepper, cabbage, garlic, vegetable
Drew Glaeser

Last but not least, the fries are accompanied by a cup of homemade coleslaw, which has a complex recipe of its own. Cabbage, carrots and garlic are just a few of the ingredients that go into making this creamy, yet tangy slaw.

While authentic Belgian-style French fries are enough of a reason to try Order of Fries, the toppings make this place a must-visit for all Yale students and New Haven residents. Order of Fries sits well outside the Yale bubble (a 20-minute walk from Cross Campus), but taking the walk or an Uber to revel in these glorious French fries is definitely worth the trip.