It's no secret that potatoes are a big deal in Idaho. It's a real thing—we love potatoes here, and as Idaho's capitol Boise has plenty of good restaurants with awesome potato items on their menus. Here's a few of the best potato dishes in Boise and where to find them.  

1. Mashed - Barbacoa Grill 

While Barbacoa Grill is known foremost for their eclectic ambiance and open-fire grilling, the garlic mashed potatoes can compete with any entree. They are perfectly whipped, creamy and delicious. Definitely in the running for the best mashed potatoes in Boise.  

2. Loaded - Goodwood Barbecue Company  

The only thing better than a regular potato is a loaded potato, and these loaded potato skins from Goodwood BBQ are a local favorite. That perfect combo of melty cheese, crunchy bacon and zesty ranch makes this the perfect appetizer.

3. Fries - Boise Fry Company

It's definitely arguable that fries are one of the best ways to eat potatoes. The Boise Fry Company agrees—and they think you should get to choose exactly how your fries are made. They give you the option to choose any kind of potato you want (russet, purple, sweet, etc.), made into any type of fry you want (shoestring, curly, homestyle, etc.).  

4. Ice Cream Potato - Westside Drive In

Westside Drive In is a Boise landmark, and they're known for their awesome food and super cool atmosphere. Its infamous dessert is the Idaho Ice Cream Potato; don't worry, it's not potato flavored ice cream. It's vanilla ice cream rolled in cocoa powder to look like a real potato, and we think it's the perfect representation of how much Idahoans love their potato dishes of all sorts.