Tenafly Diner. Just the thought of pulling into their parking lot, walking up the stairs, and asking for the hostess for a table for four makes me beyond nostalgic. "The diner", as my friends and I call it, became such an integral part of our lives. Every sleepover, late night, party, and hangout ended in a trip to the diner.

I didn't think about how much I value my time in this one place until I moved away for college and realized that unfortunately State College is a diner desert.

Diners are such a New Jersey staple. They are found at every highway exit and in every town. They are so common that the concept of diners have almost become a part of the culture of those that live around them.

It boggles my mind that other states do not have a restaurants that embody the concept of diners. Having restaurants that are open both early and late and serve any food you could ever crave seems vital to me. Maybe this is because I grew up going to diners for both breakfast with my family and late at night with my friends

Diners are not extravagant, nor do they serve gourmet food. However, I would do anything to go to Tenafly Diner with my friends right now. There is just nothing better than diner chicken tenders, french fries, and a milkshake.

Even more important than the eats, my diner has so many of my best and worst memories engrained in it. From recitals and sleepovers to proms and graduations, my friends and I basically grew up there. The Tenafly Diner is a part of my childhood that could never be replaced.

When I picture my friends or family sitting in a booth by the window, laughing, and sharing appetizers, I instantly feel at home. No matter what life threw our way, the Tenafly Diner was there to stuff us full of mozzarella sticks and milkshakes. 

Not only is my hometown diner filled with some of the food that I miss most while I am away at college, but it's also full of all of my favorite memories— there's nothing that compares to that.