This tasty, trendy snack will get you in the mood for summer, and for enjoying fresh and healthy fruit combos!! 

What are Acai Bowls?

In the past two years or so, a new tasty, fruity treat has swept the nation - Acai Bowls. Acai Bowls are, in the simplest terms, a smoothie bowl topped with fruit, granola, nuts, and peanut butter, or any combo of healthy toppings!.

This beautiful creation comes from Brazil, and it's name comes from the acai berry, which has tons of health benefits from antioxidants, amnio acids and fatty acids. It also helps ward off illnesses and regulate hormones.  

Is it Popular?

In many places all over the country, juice bars and farmers markets have been featuring acai bowls as a way to attract the health and fitness conscious costumers as well as all the insta foodies out there. I mean who wouldn't want to feature one of these works of food art on their Instagram?  

Why would Lancaster, Pennsylvania benefit from serving Acai Bowls, you ask?

In recent years, Lancaster, PA has emerged as a dining mecca. We have numerous delicious restaurants which definitely cater to the hipster, fresh food, trendy crowd. With a poppin' yoga scene and the near by college campuses, any place willing to serve up these guys would definitely make a killing! Spring is coming up (and Summer is justaround the corner!!), and bowls would satisfy all of those light, fresh fruit cravings, and, not to mention help you on that 'summer bod' quest. And let's also not forget about the amazing, fresh, local produce that is available in Lancaster, PA that would adorn these lovely creations.

Hopefully in the near future, all of us here at Franklin & Marshall, as well as students in the surrounding community, can enjoy some delicious acai bowls as a way to stimulate our health and our tastebuds.