As I began my third year at Boston College, I struggled to find a way to cure my hangover. The dining hall breakfast wasn't doing it anymore, and I was tired of the menus at the classic breakfast joints like Eagle's and Johnny's. Enter Jim's Deli, the third member of the BC Breakfast trifecta and my own personal favorite. Located on Washington Street in Brighton a block-or-so from Foster Street, Jim's is the quintessential breakfast place for all BC students. 

Proximity to BC

At a school where having access to your own car is a slight rarity, it's important for restaurants to be within walking distance, a T ride, or a cheap uber ride away. A mere 1.2 miles away from main campus, Jim's is an easy walk for any student. Accessibility is a huuuuge win when it comes to a hungover meal. 

The Prices

Tori Weber

The prices at Jim's are unbeatable. Not only is it the most affordable breakfast in the area, but you get the most bang for your buck. The portions are astoundingly large, and for the price you're paying for them it's the best deal around. For example, you can get an extra-large 3 egg omelette loaded with toppings, with home fries, and a side of toast for less than ten dollars. As a college kid on a budget, this definitely works for me. 

The way they move things along

Jim's is different than your typical breakfast joint in many ways, but the most noticeable is the way the restaurant functions. When you walk in, instead of going right up to a counter and placing your order or being seated and waiting for a server, you're shuffled into a line (that at times reaches the back of the restaurant) where you wait for you food to be made before sitting down. While this may not entice you, it absolutely should. You grab your tray and silverware and get to watch Jim and Co. make your food on the spot. Their process is efficient and quick. If you walk in and see a long line, chances are you're overestimating how long you'll be waiting. This process is also extremely functional because you never have to wait for a table, as people wait for their food, eat it, and head on out.


The most important part of any meal is how it tastes, and Jim's certainly doesn't disappoint. Each and every one of my meals at Jim's is better than the last. Every aspect of the meal is delicious, and you know you have a real winner when you're thinking about how yummy your wheat toast is. #SpoonTip: The rest of their food is just as delicious as their breakfast food, so don't worry if you can't make it to Jim's for breakfast, you'll still have a great meal. 

If you're a BC student or just a local looking for a good meal, head on over to Jim's Deli on Washington Street. You will not be disappointed. If you need some more convincing, check them out on Instagram @jimsdeli or look at their Facebook page. Your mouth will water and you will immediately change your meal plans for the day.