Italian culture is known for its pizza, pasta, and wine – AKA carbs and booze – and I love it. Italian food is a universal love language for most, and if you’re looking for a change in pace from your typical trip to Olive Garden, you’ve got to try out Italian Garden. Italian Garden is located on Avenue J, a historic part of Lubbock, Texas. Here are a few reasons why Texas Tech students can’t get enough of their killer Italian food. 

Support Small Business 

Italian Garden is family-owned and operated, a great reason to support this stellar small business. In August of 2016, Italian Garden announced on social media platforms that Mexican Garden would be opening — same owners, different chefs. From a source at Italian Garden, Mexican Garden has been sold out and they have decided to stick to what they know best, which is continuing to serve up their delicious Italian food. 

The Best Parts of the Menu

Everyone loves Olive Garden because of their breadsticks, but just wait until you try Italian Garden's rolls. It's a true war, they are both so dang delicious. However, I'm going to place my bets on Italian Garden.

This joint is also BYOB, so you don’t have to worry about dropping money on a bottle of overpriced restaurant wine. Just stop at Pinkies on your way for some vino. BYOB places are some of my favorite, because you can bring exactly what you like, and you know that it will complement your meal. Last time I went, I saw a man with a bottle of Jack — so hey, if you prefer whiskey with your pasta, go for it.  

#SpoonTip: Because of their BYOB policy, they charge $3 per bottle to bring it in — just something to keep in mind, but still a steal. 

The absolute best part of the menu? Two words: pink sauce. Food is just better in pink form, admit it — pink starbursts, strawberries, cotton candy, etc. There's no secret to the pink sauce, it's a Marinara and Alfredo mixture, a pasta loving foodies' DREAM. 

#SpoonTip: My absolute favorite dish is tortellini with pink sauce.

Another amazing dish is the dried ravioli. This one speaks for itself, just do it. For the record, Italian Garden's fried raviolis blow Olive Garden's toasty raviolis out of the water.

I know I said the pink sauce is the best part of Italian Garden, but their delivery option might be even better. The company announced on their Instagram that they are testing out delivery in the coming months. Have I made you want to take a trip to Lubbock yet to check out this hidden gem?

Italian Garden’s menu is full of homemade Italian and seafood dishes and our beloved pizza. This restaurant also offers great child and senior options. Their prices are college budget-friendly (phew) and you will leave feeling uncomfortably full from all the rich flavors, but in a good way.

You won't regret visiting this family owned Italian restaurant — great service, even better food. Check out these other family owned restaurants in Lubbock and #supportlocal.