Here at Yale, we take brunch seriously. Very seriously. Seriously enough to spend money on an Uber and hours in line to get Cinnamon Roll Pancakes seriously. 

Fortunately, Cask Republic has just expanded their offerings to include weekend brunch, which means all of the deliciousness found in Cask Republic's other menus plus mimosas and minus the cost of an Uber and waiting in line. Major W. 

Check out some of the highlights from our brunch with Cask Republic. 

Vanilla Bourbon French Toast

french toast, cinnamon, toast, cream
Nicole Laszlo

This french toast tasted like little slices of berry-maple-syrup-drenched heaven. What really made this dish was the fresh whipped cream on top. The dollop of cold, fresh cream was the perfect finish for each bite of bread. 

Lamb Pastrami Hash

cheese, ham, egg, bacon
Nicole Laszlo

My food pyramid begins and ends with deli and eggs, so when CR combined these two delicacies in their pastrami hash, I obviously fell in love. Better yet, this dish full of potatoes, meat and eggs is the ultimate hangover cure (I know from experience). 

Smoked Salmon Benedict

bacon, egg
Nicole Laszlo

Cask Republic's twist on the classic eggs Benedict takes brunch to the next level. Their citrus hollandaise perfectly seasons the smoked salmon and egg combo stacked on top of brioche toast. Yes, you heard me right. Brioche toast.  

Pesto Mac & Cheese

sauce, gnocchi
Nicole Laszlo

Cask Republic also offers their selection of small plates on their brunch menu, which includes their famed Pesto Mac & Cheese. You can thank them for allowing you to feel fancy and fabulous while eating mac and cheese solely because there is pesto in it. 

The Grey Hound

While Cask Republic does offer the classic mimosa on their brunch drinks menu, sometimes you need something a little harder to get you through the day. In comes the Grey Hound. They say the best detox is a retox, right?

Whatever you're in the mood for next Saturday morning, make sure you stop by Cask Republic for some boozy, brunch-filled bliss.