My dad announces we have Phillies tickets and being the foodie I am, I immediately think sweet that means a Bull's BBQ sandwich. Fast forward to when we are in the car, stuck in traffic on the Schuylkill Expressway. Coming from a family of foodies, we obviously map out our food plan before, duh. We use this time to make our plan of attack. We must hit up the best food at Citizens Bank Park first before we can even sit down.

Emma Henzes

We go straight to the crowded Ashburn Alley to Bull's BBQ, named after Greg Luzinski, known as the "The Bull" for his powerful ability in the batter's box. He can often be found sitting in the booth next to this BBQ pit located inside the Right Field Gate. Rumor has it, he might even snag a pic with you and your sandwich. 

Conveniently located in the same neighborhood as Chickie's & Pete's, Bull's pairs quite well with the famous fries. This BBQ stop cranks out ribs, sandwiches, turkey legs, hot dogs, chicken and even a sampler plate that my little brother devours in .3 seconds. 

The BBQ sandwich reins as the best of the best. As soon as you unwrap the silver, shiny paper the tender pulled pork practically falls off the bun and into your mouth. I am a sauce girl and let me tell you, there is no skimping on sauce here, or on the meat for that matter.

"The Bull" even sold it in select stores and online due to its popular demand. A sweet but tangy BBQ stains the bun, leaving no scraps to be saved. It's so soft and juicy that you wonder, why you don't just live in Citizens Bank Park and eat here every day. 

It's a tradition, which is why no matter what, my first stop is Bull's. I'm all about trying something new but that's what the seventh inning stretch is for, because who isn't ready for another meal by then?