Though my quest for finding the best tacos in LA is still ongoing, I thought I'd take a moment to share my discovery of Chicas Tacos in Downtown LA. As a vegetarian, it's harder to find good tacos, so I think it's my duty to share the best vegetarian tacos in LA with all my fellow foodies.

Let me first tell you why you should take my advice when it comes to eating tacos. Tacos are my favorite food due to the sheer variety in which they can be found--you can have tacos in combination with every cuisine of food, adding complexity and new flavor to the original concept.

I have tried to attempt the subtle art form of the taco, as you can see below. The top left taco has lentils with cucumbers, tomatoes, and a yogurt dill sauce, the one on the top right has orange-glazed potatoes with avocado, and the one on the bottom has paneer and vegetables roasted with a turmeric yogurt marinade.

I have some experience in experimenting with tacos, so you should definitely trust my opinion when I tell you that you need to try Chicas Tacos.


If you go to USC, there is really no reason for you not to eat at Chicas. You can take the metro straight to downtown and Chicas is only about a five-minute walk from there. For all y'all broke college students like me, Chicas is the perfect way to treat yourself after a long week or your biology midterm that made you rethink your career path, in my case (it's okay, Chicas made me feel better).

If you live elsewhere in LA, find the closest metro, find the cheapest time to Uber, or just use Postmates. When you see the flashing red sign of Chicas Tacos, you'll realize it's worth it.


At $4.95 a taco with the staples of steak, fish, chicken, pork, and veggie, Chicas is definitely worth the price. The real budgeting winner is the chips and guacamole, and chips and salsa you can get on the side for $4 and $2.50, respectively. Where else can I get a better price to fulfill my California-induced avocado craving?

Spoon Tip: You get 10% off your order if you check-in on Yelp.


From the flashing neon sign with an arrow, to the cute interior, this little shop is your destination to fulfill all your Snapchat and Instagram desires. The food comes in cute little pink boxes that say "Hasta mañana!" on the front, tempting you to return the next day--I wouldn't be surprised if you were convinced after eating the tacos.

Their aesthetic has definitely inspired me to improve my own tacos. I always respect a restaurant that understands the value of the aesthetic of the food along with the taste.


Anuva Mittal

And lastly, what you've been waiting for--the flavors. I had the veggie taco, which has cauliflower chorizo, marinated mushrooms, avocado sauce, queso panela, and chile toreado. All the flavors perfectly melted together--my mouth is watering just thinking about it--and I'm pretty sure I finished each taco in about three bites.

Unlike other tacos places I've been to in LA, I appreciate Chicas use of different spices to bring out the flavor of the vegetables while adding a little more excitement to my senses. Chicas also a few different sauces, ranging from mild and tangy to "Help, I've had 3 glasses of water, but my mouth is still on fire." I tried them all and am sure you can handle them too--I would personally recommend the spiciest one for the experience.

However, the guacamole was the real star of the show. With just the right amount of spices and a slight lime tang, the guacamole was the perfect complement to the flavor-packed tacos. Even the chips were perfectly salted and contained the perfect crunch in its pairing with the smooth guacamole.

What are you doing still reading this article? All of y'all chicos and chicas should be headed over to Chicas. Until I find my next top taco place in LA (Revolutionario and Blue Plate Taco are next on my list), I will definitely be frequenting Chicas to get my fix of the best vegetarian tacos in LA.