In the midst of the next several frigid months, leaving home to get a warm Chipotle Burrito Bowl is just too much effort. Since restaurants like SweetGreen require customers to actually come in and choose ingredients for their individual meals, they are not part of delivery services like GrubHub. So, how do we get our Hai Street Kitchen sushiritto fixes without walking all the way to Center City? Cue the greatest app of all time: Postmates.

Photo by Genny Liebes

So, two weeks ago, Postmates was actually advertising their company on Locust, promoting free delivery on any order. As soon as we heard, my roommate and I jumped on that and ordered exactly what we were craving: Panera Bread. Without a branch in University City and no time to venture the 2.4 miles downtown, the craving for a Broccoli Cheddar Bread Bowl was the perfect opportunity to try out Postmates.

After entering my address and credit card information, ordering was a breeze. By just writing exactly what we wanted to eat, with any dietary stipulations we had, we added the meal to our carts and checked out. Given an estimated delivery time of one hour, we hungrily waited for our impending meal.

Counting down the minutes, we were able to track our Postmates order with a Philadelphia map, detailing exactly where our food was during that one hour. The Postmates employee found our apartment without a problem and made the one hour deadline. The only disappointing part of the delivery process was that the Postmates employee had never heard of the free delivery promotion dedicated to Penn students. But that being said, within ten minutes, the issue was resolved and we were awarded our free delivery. So, if you have one of the promotional flyers for free Postmates delivery for two weeks, do try to take advantage of it, but beware that it may not work at first.

Overall, the Postmates experience is AMAZING! Being able to order exactly what I want and how I want it is the future of delivery services. Definitely try it out!