Whenever we want to be a little healthy, we all waltz on over to Whole Foods, where the healthier options are also the delicious ones. Shopping here is always a pleasure because you don't feel guilty for whatever you toss into your cart. Despite the great food, the prices are less than ideal and it can be hard to be frugal if you don't know the tricks

Being the very broke college student that I am, you can't usually spot me browsing the aisles of Whole Foods. However, the amazing hacks and shopping tips below make me want to spend my entire paycheck there!

1. You Can Taste Anything Before You Buy It

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Samantha Goodman

Luckily the company has a "try before you buy" store policy with ALL of its products. Customers can even taste pre-packaged snacks! 

2. Anything Purchased Can Be Returned 

Familiar with Nordstrom's "return anything" policy? Well, Whole Foods has the same return policy. Depending on your location, you'll most likely always be able to get a refund, or at least some store credit for next time. This even applies to the body care products sold in stores. 

3. Wednesday is THE Best Day for Sale Shopping

Connor Howe

All of the sales at Whole Foods turn over on Wednesdays, meaning the most sales are available on hump day. I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for a bargain, and if you too are a broke college student, I recommend that you head to Whole Foods exclusively on Wednesdays. 

4. The Employee Discount is Killer

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Kristin Lane

Every employee starts out with a storewide discount of 20% and this can increase over time. Whole Foods also gives an incentive to their employees to be healthier and if it shows, employees get a raise in their store discount. 

5. Every Whole Foods Location Donates to Local Organizations

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Bonnie Blocker

Whole Foods is know for having an incredible to-go selection, where customers can put together lunches and snacks for the work day. Everyday, there are TONS of leftovers at each station at each Whole Foods location, so the company donates the remaining food to a local food bank, through the Food Recovery Network

6. Any Cut of Fish Can Be Deboned, Seasoned, or Steamed for Free

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Juliana Park

Whole Foods, among its many wonders, has an incredible fish department, where customers can get their fish prepared anyway they want it. For no extra charge you can make crazy requests on the preparation of your seafood. 

7. Everything in the Hot Bar, Bakery, and Salad Bar is Homemade

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Hayden Carder

Thousands of people use the famous Whole Foods takeout options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. The current chef in charge, Tien Ho, feels that everything being homemade should be a Whole Foods trademark. Next time you question if your food from any of the bars is processed, think again!

8. There is a Team that Works on Preserving High Quality Standards

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Dina Zaret

Yes, people are actually paid to make sure the quality of the store remains at a certain level. The goal is for every item Whole Foods puts on its shelves to be great quality. Maybe this is why everything is so expensive because you really do get what you pay for.

I've always lived by the words, "Whole Foods? More like whole wallet." However, after l learned these cool facts about the store, I now understand the money isn't just going towards the market's profit. The store is trying to make people eat better and set a higher standard for supermarkets in America. 

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Abbey Fernandez