Half-hidden on the corner of Madison and Third Street, White Wind Superfoods is a gem. Specializing in freshly squeezed juices and cleverly-concocted smoothies, this specialty café is home to natural beverages, as well as the friendliest employees in Corvallis. Other smoothie shops and cafés will market their beverages as health-conscious, but when you strip those drinks apart, what you typically get is sugar and additives.

At White Wind Superfoods, the drinks are made from house-made nut milks, fresh fruit juices, and fresh spices, like shaved ginger and turmeric. The owner, Cathy, is determined to both educate and satiate her customers. White Wind Superfoods delivers drinks that will cater to your body’s needs, as well as your taste buds.

For Days When You Feel Unhealthy

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Emma Davis

We all know which days I’m talking about. You wake up groggy, your hair is lackluster, and you can feel the sweet sweats from last night’s late-night doughnut run. Your body is in desperate need of fruits and veggies, and the North Shore is here to deliver just that.

An orange juice, coconut water, papaya, pineapple, banana, spinach, and ginger concoction; it’s refreshing, satiating, and utterly delectable—adjectives I wouldn’t typically use to describe healthy foods. This is a lighter beverage, so I’d recommend pairing it with a more filling breakfast food (like White Wind's açaí bowl).

For Days When You Wish You Didn’t Live in the Grass Seed Capital of the World

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Emma Davis

I used to be you. I moved from California thinking, “I guess I’m exempt from these allergies people keep complaining about.” After thoroughly jinxing myself, I perused the aisles of WinCo, on the hunt for Zyrtec or Aleve, or some sort of magic pill that would cure my itchiness, snottiness, and overall disgusting self. Failing to understand that most allergy meds make you drowsy, I popped a few before a work shift—and let’s just say it’s not smart to move boxes when you can barely lift your arms. After discovering the Allergy Relief smoothie, I tossed my meds in favor of a homeopathic remedy.

Allergy blend tea, horseradish, ginger, and lemon zest, all work collectively to suppress the worst allergy symptoms.

For Those That Menstruate, On Days You Wish Would End Sooner

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Spencer Hutchison

Vaginas are awesome, we all know that. But sometimes, they bleed, and usually, blood is accompanied by bloat, hormonal mood swings, and cramps. So while your body sheds its uterine lining, shed some of your worst symptoms by indulging in the Luna Love smoothie.

It contains Moon-ease tea, cranberries, and beets, which are all excellent sources of iron and tension-relief. It’s a fairly tart, thin smoothie—great as a substitute for your morning cup of coffee during period week.

For The Day After Your Flu Shot

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Spencer Hutchison

I can’t be the only one that gets flu symptoms after a flu shot, right? It’s a negative side effect of a positive procedure, but for that day of the year (or when you actually have the flu), try the Wellness Elixir. PSA: It’s going to make you breathe fire. If you’ve ever eaten raw garlic or taken a bite out of an uncooked onion, this will recreate that unpleasant experience for you.

The fact that this shot of garlic, lemon, ginger, and cayenne comes with an apple juice chaser should give you an idea of just how intoxicatingly potent this concoction is. Despite the fact that you’ll have to chew an entire pack of gum to mask the garlic fumes, it’s, well, truly a wellness elixir.

For Days When You Need More Than Coffee

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Spencer Hutchison

The Turkish Coffee Shake is a filling beverage, perfect for days when Starbucks isn’t cutting it (i.e. most days). If you find yourself on the hunt for a satisfying alternative to a cup of coffee or a healthier breakfast shake (minus the protein powder), try this powerful beverage.

Made with Turkish coffee, thickened with a banana, and sweetened with dates and figs, this shake will give you the jolt of energy you need for early morning finals, without the jitters.

For Days When You Really Want to Drink Your Breakfast

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Emma Davis

My favorite liquid breakfast, Creamy Carrot, is the one drink at White Wind Superfoods that I usually can’t finish because it's that hearty. It’s deliciously thick and nutty, with a carrot juice base and banana, hemp seeds, and cashews to bulk it up. The smallest size (12 oz.) is always enough to keep me full ‘til lunchtime.

TL;DR? If you’re thirsty to improve your mental and physical state, try out White Wind Superfoods, a local café that provides customers with a unique, customizable drinking experience—perfect for whatever mood or ailment the day brings you.