Growing up in Florida, some of the best memories of my childhood (other than watching the news to see what the latest weird Floridian did) included going to the Village Inn restaurant chain and cramming my body weight of breakfast food and pie into my mouth.

Even if you aren’t obsessed with astrology (but why?), leaving your next pie order up to your sign can save you a ton of time of awkwardly telling your server, “Another minute, please."

After all, it can be frustrating to decide on just one slice of pie to order, especially when Village Inn has nearly 20 diverse dessert options. No worries, we’ve done all that tedious research about your zodiac sign so you don’t have to.

Don’t be an Indecisive Iris. Instead, read on to see what pie is compatible with your sign. We’ll help you find the pie that you’ll fall in love with at first bite.

#SpoonTip: This should go without saying, but always order your Village Inn pie with some creamy vanilla ice cream on the side. Top off your perfect pie order with a dollop…or two…or three of whipped cream. You’ll thank us later.


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Chelsea Jackson

Not every person has enough patience to wait through an entire meal to indulge in some decedent pie; however, Capricorns are some of the most patient and calm people.

While you’re internally salivating as you skim through the pie menu at your local Village Inn, you’ll be tempted by the pie with the most air-whipped filling and chocolatey goodness. Naturally, the French silk pie is the perfect pie for you.


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Chelsea Jackson

You’re potentially one of the most free-spirited and original people in your friend group. Because Aquariuses aren’t influenced by any man, woman or cat, the perfect pie for you is actually a cake — carrot cake to be precise.

We know, your roomies might give you some major side eye because you ordered a cake inside of pie like everyone else, but you really DGAF.


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Chelsea Jackson

You’re an innately romantic and artistic person, so why shouldn’t your pie be the same? After all, pie is a form of art. While you still want a delicious pie that is topped with silky ripples of cream, you also want a pie that looks aesthetically-pleasing.

You know, something that looks almost too good to eat, but we all know that you’re going to devour it anyway. I mean, that’s what Instagram is for, right? Clearly, the Oreo cookie dough pie is your ideal choice.

#SpoonTip: Try pairing your Oreo cookie dough pie with one of Village Inn’s tempting vanilla milkshakes. Trust us, it’s like eating Oreos and milk. 


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Chelsea Jackson

It’s no secret that Aries are all about that comfortable life. From leisurewear to comfort food, you are obsessed with being comfortable, which is why you’ve already ordered the country apple pie without any hesitation. After all, Village Inn never fails to bake their apples at the perfect crispness. 

Even if you aren’t from the South, Village Inn’s country apple pie will make you any honorary Southerner… well, at least until you’ve cleaned the plate.


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Chelsea Jackson

While you might have an undeserved rep for being stubborn (darn those stereotypes about Tauruses), you’re actually just bubbling with a loud personality. Although most things in life can’t compare to your bold personality, the blueberry pie definitely can.

Seriously, the warm crispy crust can barely contain the fruity filling—which is made from real blueberries not that stuff from a can that has a weird metallic after taste.


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Chelsea Jackson

You’re super expressive and curious, which explains why you love foods that combine multiple textures and flavors. Because Geminis are creative, you are fascinated by colorful visuals, which is why you should try the triple berry pie.

The warmth from the pie crust practically melts the berries. Plus, this one slice of pie basically packs in a whole week's worth of fruit. JK, you still need to consume enough servings of fruits and veggies the rest of the week. 


Chelsea Jackson

You’re a very sultry person, which is why you need a pie that matches your suaveness. Village Inn’s banana cream pie was essentially made just for you. Between the velvety whipped cream and the smooth banana in the center of the pie, we’ll guarantee that you’ll forget about all the stress in your life.

#SpoonTip: Ask your server to drizzle some caramel sauce on your slice of banana cream. The combo of caramel and toasted almonds is the dream marriage that your taste buds deserve.


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Chelsea Jackson

Leos are another immensely creative zodiac sign, which is probably why we love playing with our food so much. Or maybe I’m the only Leo who sends copious Snaps of whipped cream and other food products on my face myself taking the first bite of any food I eat. In all seriousness, you love food that experiments with unique taste combinations, such as sweet and tangy.

Village Inn’s Key lime pie is an impeccable pie choice, because Key limes are essentially nature’s tart candy. Now, you don’t have to take a road trip down to the Florida Keys to be able to savor a masterful Key lime pie. 


Chelsea Jackson

You’re known for your shyness, but really you just need to warm up to new people and situations. You slowly reveal the extent of your charisma, which is why you need a seemingly low-key pie to satisfy your sugar craving. Village Inn’s cherry pie is wholesome dessert that might seem generic on the menu, but don't judge the pie by its crust.

Once you pop a spoonful of that cherry filling in your mouth, you might have to order a whole cherry pie to-go. Go on, treat yo'self.


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Chelsea Jackson

You love hanging with your friends and doing pretty much anything, as long as you’re with great company. While Libras are pretty laid back, you do enjoy a memorable treat every once in a while.

The strawberry rhubarb pie is your dessert soulmate, because all your friends will want to snag a bite of it (thankfully, you totally don’t mind).


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Chelsea Jackson

The rumors are true, Scorpios are extra AF, which is why the cookie dough pie is the only pie for you.

After all, you’re all about taking risks, and what’s riskier than combining two desserts into one? The flavor in this pie is over the top, without being too sugary or rich. The savory chocolate mousse in the middle of this pie is just as prominent as a Scorpio’s passionate personality. 


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Chelsea Jackson

You have a free spirit and open mind, which is why you’re drawn to new twists on classic dishes. Sagitarriuses are also extremely optimistic, which is part of the reason people are drawn to you. You’ll want to order a pie that is just a jovial as you are, and there’s no better pie than the lemon supreme pie. The zest from the fresh lemon cream will be sure to widen your smile.

Don’t worry, nobody can judge you for grinning, because it’s the only acceptable response to eating a superb slice of pie. 

Although we’ve curated the perfect pie for every zodiac sign, don’t eat any pie that you’re allergic to, because no pie is worth spending the day in the ER (no matter how enticing the pie might be). 

While your pie selection might be the perfect complement to your zodiac sign, not everyone fits all the characteristics of their zodiac sign, which is why you should ultimately let your stomach pick your Village Inn pie, unless of course your hangry self is feeling incredibly impulsive and wants 12 different slices or pie (been there). 

While every zodiac sign has vastly different characteristics and pie preferences, now every zodiac sign can order the perfect pie on Village Inn's free pie Wednesdays. Don't worry, Village Inn has a countdown to the next Wednesday, because they know that pie is life.