Every country has it's own special foods and recipes that you HAVE to try when visiting. My family goes on vacation every summer and this year we chose to go to Spain. The country has some amazing and some not so amazing foods but I have chose my top 5 favorites to share with you. So, here are some Spanish Foods that you should try and match your personality with! 

Churros and chocolate- Sweet and Lively

This delicious dessert can be found at Chocolate San Gines in Madrid. The melted chocolate, whether it be dark or milk, is extremely rich and sweet. The churro is so crisp that when dipped in chocolate it gives such a lively taste to your mouth. The mix of churro and chocolate gives a pop of sweet and crunchy in your mouth. 

Joanne Tan

Iberian ham- Salty af

Iberian ham is probably one of Spain’s most well known foods. The ham come for a black furred pig. I know, weird right? But the thinly sliced meat is probably one of the saltiest foods I have tasted. The probability of eating it without bread or something else is very low for me.

Joanne Tan

Croquettes- Deep and Personal

Croquettes are a small tiny dish of fried rolls with either cheese, chicken, or iberian ham in them. The taste is strong and deep cutting into your tastebuds and filling your mouth.

Joanne Tan

Mixed Paella- Sociable

Paella is also a dish that is extremely popular in Spain. It can be found in any city of Spain. This dish is also very salty but has very many different things in it such as seafood, mushrooms, meat. You name it and I’m sure you’ll find one to satisfy your tastebuds!

saffron, chicken, chili, paella, rice
Joanne Tan

Ensaïmada- Carefree

This light fluffy pastry with white powdering on top can be found at La Mallorquina in Madrid. It’s mouthwater image makes you want to eat it right away. The taste of it just floats around and the powder dissolved nicely into your tongue. 

cream, cake
Joanne Tan