For me, going to Whole Foods is not just about stocking up on groceries, because when I go, it ends up becoming a field trip. Before I begin shopping, I typically get dinner at the buffet (it is not a good idea to shop hungry), and then I’ll browse the aisles and try samples. Once I have made my rounds, I start filling my cart with the weekly necessities. When that is finally done, I go to my favorite part of the store: the cookie bar.

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Josi Miller

At first, I was overwhelmed by how many different kinds of cookies there were. Unfortunately, there is not a cookie bar in the Whole Foods near my home. So now, each time I make my thirty minute journey from school to the store, I spend at least 10 minutes looking for the right cookies.

Here is a cookie guide so that the next time you visit Whole Foods, you'll save time and leave the store with a fresh stash of heavenly cookies. Surprisingly, you'll find that their chocolate chip cookie isn't one of the best. Instead, you'll find out that anything "filled" is the way to go. 

1. Vegan Chocolate Chunk Sandwich Cookie

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Josi Miller

One of my all-time favorites is this soft, chewy, super sweet, vegan sandwich cookie. You will not even realize that these cookies are not made with any animal products. Instead, you will be too distracted by the chocolate chunks and the exquisite frosting that holds the two cookies together. Do not ever leave the bar without trying this one, you will not regret it. 

2. Vanilla Filled Double Chocolate Sandwich

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Josi Miller

Some people may find that a typical double chocolate chip cookie has too much chocolate. Well, I am here to tell you that this particular sandwich cookie contains the perfect balance of chocolate and vanilla. The two little chocolate cookies are held together by the vanilla frosting, allowing both flavors to complement each other perfectly. 

3. Raspberry Rugelach & Chocolate Rugelach

Josi Miller

I had high expectations for the rugelach simply because my aunt makes the raspberry ones at home and I always end up eating way more than I should. Eager to compare hers to the ones at Whole Foods, I was pleasantly surprised to taste the flaky dough and layers of raspberry diffuse over my tastebuds. Both the chocolate and raspberry rugelach manage to keep a subtle flavor, and make you reach out for just one more. 

4. Sugar Free Almond Cookies

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Josi Miller

Unlike the cookies listed above, this sugar-free cookie surprised me. How does one make a good cookie without using sugar? Somehow, Whole Foods managed to do it successfully. The almond bits and shortbread cookie go hand in hand for a light and airy taste. 

5. Jumbo 

cookie, chocolate
Josi Miller

This giant cookie is intimidating but well-worth every single calorie. It is the size of three average cookies which is why I usually split it up into three sections. It is packed with chocolate, raisins, frosting, and oatmeal and you will never be able to finish it in one sitting. If you happen to see it, make sure to grab it because it is not always there and the jumbo is not one to miss out on. 

6. Peanut Butter Fudge Chunk 

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Josi Miller

What I love most about this cookie is the fudge center. The outer shell is a swirl of peanut butter but the middle is a soft chocolate fudge that blends beautifully with the nutty taste. If you like Reese's, you will definitely enjoy this cookie and you will not let any crumb go to waste. 

7. Laceys

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Josi Miller

The final cookie you should consider trying are the laceys. This one is unique because it is chocolate sandwiched in between two toffee wafers. Every bite is thin, crisp and a mixture of salty and sweet. One of these will undeniably make your day one hundred times better.

Now that I have given you a little bit of the rundown on the cookie bar, go try it for yourself! You will not like every single cookie at the bar, but the only way to find out your favorites is to try them. That is what I did. My roommate and I taste-tested as many cookies as we possibly could over the last semester, and we compiled a list of our favorites. Now we spend less time choosing the right cookie and more time sampling them. Whole Foods is a great place to embrace the foodie culture, as it is a place for dining, shopping, and socializing.