Studying is second nature for Cal students. Eat and sleep? More like study, study, and more studying. Don't waste your time figuring out where to study at UC Berkeley. The next time you're looking for a study spot, skip Main Stacks and check out one of these places instead.


Free Speech Movement Cafe

Located in the middle of campus, FSM is easily accessible by all students. Snag a table indoors or take your pick of tables on the patio. If you're studying outside, you can even enjoy a beautiful view of the sunset.

Tea 1 Courtyard in Cory Hall

Engineers, this one's for you. Stay within the comforts of Cory Hall, get some studying in, and enjoy a cup of boba. This courtyard is a great place to work if you want some fresh air without traveling all the way to Southside.

Downtown Berkeley

Asha Tea House

When you need hunker down and read, head over to Asha Tea House. Order a soothing cup of tea and crack open your textbook. You'll be done in no time at all.

85°C Bakery

This Taiwanese bakery is a great place to study if you enjoy the smell and taste of fresh bread. There are a number of tables upstairs and by the wall of windows, so you're sure to find a comfortable spot to study and snack.


Cafe Blue Door

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Mira Nguyen

Can't find space in MLK or Eshleman? Walk another block down Bancroft to Blue Door and take a seat at one of their many tables. If you're lucky, you can even snag a seat by the bay windows.

Caffe Strada

If you need a place to study after dark, head over to Caffe Strada. This coffee shop is open until midnight, every single night. Plus, Strada has great desserts — perfect for a late night cram session.


Brewed Awakening

Work away on one of Brewed Awakening's comfortable couches; this cafe is large yet cozy. It's a great place to study and get away from your loud roommates while feeling right at home.

Now that you know where to study at UC Berkeley, it's time to get to work. Good luck and #GoBears!