School is officially in session! All of the MMC spooners are back in action exploring different restaurants, tasting different foods, and eating on the MMC meal plan. We rated our dining dollar options to give you the truth about the best places to eat on the MMC Meal plan. Heres where to spend those great MMC dining dollars. 

The Kitchen Sink 

egg, cheese, bacon, sandwich, avocado
Alex Nadelman

The Kitchen Sink is TOP RATED on our list of places to grab a bite to eat. The menu is huge and has a diversity of options. Our Favorites would have to be The Avocado Toast, Salmon Burger, and Quinoa Salad. Yum. If you haven't made it to the Kitchen Sink, you are missing out!


dill, ham, tomato, sandwich, lox, smoked salmon, bread, cheese, salmon
Olivia Vantuno

Pourt is the newest addition to the MMC Dining Dollars. It is located right under the Cooper Square Dorms and is AMAZING. If you like trendy cafes with work spaces, coffees, smoothies, and snacks, then Pour is the place to be. Pourt is In a tie with the Kitchen Sink for Top rated restaurants! It offers a smaller menu but delivers a big taste. Students can use their dining dollars to rent desk space in the back of the cafe as well for studying. Pourt is the perfect place to study and grab a power-up meal! 

Midnight Express

milk, avocado
Olivia Vantuno

Midnight Express is a great option if students are up by the school and have time for a sit down meal. This diner is always serving up great dishes like, breakfast, crepes, smoothies, and burgers. They take MMC dining dollars and are always available to deliver. We rate Midnight Express in the middle for best eating options. 

Midtown Diner

spinach, cheese, salad, tomato, lettuce, sandwich, chicken
Olivia Vantuno

Midtown Diner is the last rated restaurant for MMC Dining Dollars. It is super convenient to drop by and grab something to eat because of its location across from the freshman dorms. Midtown has a huge selection of choices as well as the other restaurants on campus. 

Other Options

While going to Marymount Manhattan College, students are getting many different eating options. Other then these four restaurants, the school has a cafe to serve students during their busy day of classes. Another great option at school is the Starbucks. The Starbucks in the Nugent building always takes your dining dollars. Located at the 55th street dorm is also a small C-Store. The C-Store is stocked with a couple grocery items and school supplies for that last minute purchase or late night craving. Finally, down by the Cooper Square dorm is the Heavenly Market. Just like the C-Store, Heavenly Market is a small market place to pick up some groceries. The market also has fresh sandwiches and salads for purchase. 

Spend, Spend, Spend

Being a student at Marymount Manhattan College is great, not only for the academics, location, and lifestyle but for the food options! There are so many things to chose from all over campus. Spend those dining dollars and never forget to send in your best food pictures to the Spoon MMC instagram account.