Taco Tuesday is a national festivity. I’d hate to be the one to break it to President Trump, but no wall can keep our beloved tacos out of the States. The holiday— yes it is a holiday— manages to make the beginning of the week a little more bearable. As a taco aficionado, queso lover, and Tallahassee resident, I’m about to give you the lowdown on where to spend your Taco Tuesdays in the 850 according to the best deals.   

Tijuana Flats

Deal: 2 tacos, chips, and a drink $5

Yes, as in the Tex-Mex classic. Personally, I think Tijuana lacks a certain Mexican flare and is widely overrated, but that might just be my inner Latina conscience speaking. This said, the deal is still undeniable and their relentless hot sauces are an essential celebratory topping if you're going to spend your Taco Tuesday here. 

Cancun's Sports Bar & Grill 

Deal: 99¢ tacos

This is not a drill. 99 CENT TACOS PEOPLE. That's right. There's more to Cancun's than their killer margs. It's a bit of a hike from campus, but for dollar tacos, it's well worth it. Dolla dolla bills y'all?

Taco Republik

Deal: 2 tacos, chips, and a drink for $5

In its rustic home, Taco Republik offers some of the best tacos Tallahassee has to offer, and for a pretty phenomenal price. Bye bye Tex-Mex central, hello a true taqueria. They've got authenticity, taste, salsa galore, and cheap prices. #spoontip: order a side of Yucca fries or tostones for some authentic Latin cuisine and then try to wipe the drool off of your face.

El Jalisco 

Deal: $2 Quesadillas

The taco slut of Tallahassee, El Jalisco, has not one, not two, but four locations for you to pick up on their sweet deals. If you want to spread the love to other weekdays, El Jalisco also offers 99¢ tacos on Mondays at all four locations. You can catch me parading around Tallahassee and hitting each spot for quesadillas on Tuesday though. 

Burrito Boarder

Deal: $1 tacos and a drink

Burrito Boarder is a cult favorite. It's never let me down, and it never will with these dollar tacos. Order a side of salsa if you want to spice up your life, otherwise you'll have somewhat of a plain Jane dinner. Nonetheless, if I'm getting a taco for a dollar, I lack room to complain. So go ahead and get lost in the sauce on this one. 

Bandidos Burritos 

Deal: $1 tacos from 4:20-7:20PM 

If we're being real, I don't understand why we should limit tacos to just one day. Neither does Bandidos. You can get $1 tacos from 4:20-7:20PM EVERY. DAMN .DAY. Don't mind if I do. Side note: Interesting timing choice Bandidos... very interesting. 

Us college students need every extra penny we can pinch. Thankfully, these Tallahassee establishments get it. So treat yo' self without spending too much money by following these Taco Tuesday deals. If you're looking to save some extra money, these recipes will do the trick. Or if you're a vegetarian, this recipe will give you your fix.  And remember kids, a taco a day keeps the sadness away.