If you haven’t binged watched Daredevil yet, you’re doing something wrong. Daredevil is a popular Netflix series that follows Matt Murdock, a lawyer by day and superhero by night. Murdock’s job is to protect his NYC neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen. However, in real life, Daredevil is filmed all over the city that never sleeps (another reason to love New York). Here, we’ve narrowed down some spots you can check out that will make you feel like you are in the series yourself.

1. Panna II


Photo courtesy of Curtis Gregory Perry

Panna II is an Indian Restaurant located in the East Village. This delicious BYOB cooks up curries, tandoori, and masalas galore. In Daredevil, we see this beautifully lit restaurant in the second season. Remember Matt and Karen’s first date? It was here.

2. Turkey’s Nest Tavern

Daredevil filming location NYC

Photo courtesy of Fangirlquest.com

Josie’s Bar is a popular destination for Nelson and Murdock. Lots of shady meetings and organized crime have occurred here, but thankfully it’s all on screen. In real life, it is located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn and is known by the name of Turkey’s Nest Tavern. Turkey’s Nest is a dive bar and the bartenders are great people to talk to about Daredevil. Here, you can drink a $7 margarita while playing pool on the same table that the cast of Daredevil did. Fun fact: This bar used to serve their beer in styrofoam cups, before the Styrofoam Ban.

3. Rockefeller Center Rooftop Gardens

Photo courtesy of Carlos M. Martínez Flórez

When Madame Gao and Wilson Fisk had their meeting, it was at the Rockefeller Center Rooftop Gardens. Today, the location is only open to Rockefeller Center employees and private events. Renting out this place for your wedding starts at $12,500. However, it still remains one of the most beautiful locations in Daredevil.

4. Abe Lewehol Park

Photo courtesy of Fangirlquest.com

Wilson Fisk met his friend James Welsey in this NYC public park. Although it is small (just a little triangle) there is a lot of history behind this green space. Abe Lewehol was a Holocaust survivor and owned a deli called 2nd Ave. He led a very honorable life and henceforth the park is dedicated to him. His deli is still open, and it’s worth checking out because Jewish delis are the best delis.

So, next time you are in NYC, head over to one of these spots and live life like you are Matt Murdock. You won’t regret it.