As college students, we often like believing that we are fancier than we actually are. In my experience, attempting to stay #flossy in New York City always involves going out to dinner and spending too much money on “classy” drinks. To try and eliminate at least part of the cost of being glamorous, here’s a list of the best places to BYOB in NYC.

What makes these places the best, you might ask? First and foremost, they all have great food. And secondly, none of them have corkage fees, making them extra college-friendly because paying $25 to uncork a bottle of Barefoot doesn’t seem like something we’re trying to do.

Wondee Siam


Photo courtesy of @sruvn on Instagram

Thai food done right. The place is small and there can be a long line to get in, but it’s totally worth it. Make sure to try the Ba-Mee Gang Gai, a kind of mix between a traditional red curry and a noodle dish, and the Goong Ob Woonsen (shrimp and glass noodle deliciousness).



Photo courtesy of @arinaahmed on Instagram

Self-described as being the place where “chili pepper lights meet Christmas lights,” this place has all the right vibes for a fun BYOB place. They’ve got all your classic Indian dishes, as well as interesting weekly specials. Be sure to get their amazing Bhuna Masala curry.



Photo courtesy of @raclettenyc on Instagram

If you’ve never had raclette, you probably should. It’s essentially melted cheese on potatoes, and it’s fucking delicious. Our best suggestion for trying it out is getting some at Raclette NYC, which does this Swiss dish justice.

Cafe Himalaya


Photo courtesy of @davekatz on Instagram

Do you know what Tibetan food is? No? Neither do we, really. But after coming here, you’ll probably know it’s good. Vegetarians, it’s time to get excited for the Chili Dofu, a tofu curry, and Shogok Momo Takpa, a cross between a traditional dumpling and an Indian samosa.

Song’ E Napule


Photo courtesy of @nycfooddelights on Instagram

Exactly what you want out of a cozy little Italian place, Song’ E Napule does the classics really well. The pizza is delicious, the pasta is delicious, and, most importantly, burratta is the first thing on the menu.



Photo courtesy of @alittlerosemary on Instagram

Reasonably priced, really delicious. Make sure to try the lamb hunkar begendi, a lamb stew with roasted eggplant, and sip some sweet Turkish tea.

Cherin Sushi


Photo courtesy of @thenomadiccouple on Instagram

It’s hard to argue with $3 sushi rolls and a lenient BYOB policy (no corkage fee for beer, wine, or liquor). Indeed, Cherin’s prices and atmosphere enable and encourage consumption of all kinds.

A Cafe


Photo courtesy of @haoiam on Instagram

A Cafe is not a simple as it sounds. They’re serving French Caribbean food, and everything is super delicious and a little unorthodox. If you’re really trying to do it up and be fancy, there’s a prix fixe option from 6-8 pm where you can get any app and entree for $25. Couple that with some vino and you’re basically adulting.

Gaia Italian Cafe


Photo courtesy of @timmelideo on Instagram

At Gaia, the menu changes based on what Gaia wants to make. That means pizza is only served on Mondays and the type of pasta varies day to day. Pick the day you go based on your own preference of pasta (we highly recommend Thursday when they’ve got gnocchi and ravioli), then get a panini, some antipasti stuff, and live the dream.