Break out your flannels and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING... it's time for Fall! Rhode Island is a small state, but that means, come Fall, there is always a place within 20 miles miles to satisfy your cravings for a crunchy apple, some homemade fruit confections, and a basic orchard picture or two. Luckily, there are tons of orchards and family-run farms to visit and get some apple picking done in the area surrounding Bryant University. Each one has a unique twist and can offer something different to your fall adventures.

Jaswell's Farm

Jaswell's is actually the oldest operating orchard in Smithfield and is being run by the fourth generation of their family members. Not only does this family run farm offer apple picking schedules for in-season fruits and veggies, but they also have a farm stand with other goodies and homemade desserts. They offer apple cider donuts, pies, muffins and even things such as Vermont cheeses, local milk, and honey!  Most importantly, Jaswell's offers their famous candy apples FOUR ways: the traditional candy apple, caramel, caramel with chocolate, and gourmet topped apples. If you are are trying to get a complete Fall experience in one day this is the place to go. 

Appleland Orchard

Although it is located outside of Smithfield, this orchard is worth the short drive into nearby Greenville. They offer a vast variety of apples to try, which is great if you intend on taking them home and using them in different recipes. Along with apples, they have a farm winery and a farm stand loaded with apple-related treats, fresh cider, and cider donuts as well!

Pleasant View Orchards

This is one stop that I am sure many Bryant students have driven by on their way into Smithfield without even knowing it. Located on Pleasant View Ave, this quaint farm stand has a lot to offer. You can pick up pumpkins to carve, get some homemade fudge or apple cider, and of course apples. What is unique about them is they also offer many different plants as well!

Barden Family Orchard

Another multi-generational family orchard is a short drive away in North Scituate, RI hosting pick-your-own apples and a well-stocked farm stand. They even offer a product availability chart on their website you always know what is in season. Along with home-grown produce, they have freshly pressed apple cider and homemade apple cider vinegar. 

Steere Orchard

Luckily, one of Rhode Island's largest apple orchards is located right near Bryant's campus in Greenville, RI. This place is perfect for people of all ages as they offer apple picking and free hayrides on the weekends! Like many other orchards, they have a farm stand full of apple-related treats such as donuts and cider, along with many jellies and jams. 

Dame Farm & Orchards

Another beautiful farm, located in Johnston, RI, features pick-your-own fruits such as apples and pumpkins. On their website you can even find a description of each of the apples they grow, including the apple's flavor profile and some fun facts. Dame Farm also has a corn maze challenge and wagon rides, which are perfect for a date-night or family fun. 

Knight Farm and Restaurant 

One of the most unique parts about this farm is the restaurant also available on-site called "The Farmer's Omelet" serving up fresh and delicious breakfast and lunch. They also offer apple picking (of course) and have an ice cream shoppe and a cider donut bakery. You can also book group outings and birthday parties here!

No matter where you end up visiting, you are sure you have a great adventure.  Reach out to us @spoon_bulldogs for any photos you have of your trip to the orchards. If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more about the Bryant area, check out our other articles to find sandwich joints or read about new restaurants! And follow us on Instagram to see all of the great places we like to eat.