My senses are telling me that you're stumped at work and in need of a java fix. Have no fear, your vanilla latte guru is here. Before you head to Starbucks for a subpar espresso brew, check out a few of these stellar hotspots serving up some of the best coffee concoctions in the city. 

Indulging in a latte is truly an experience, so treat yourself to the cup of joe you deserve. From deconstructed lattes to Aussie-inspired espresso, these coffee shops get the job done. My challenge to you: go so often that every Monday-Friday barista knows your name.

1. La Colombe Cafe

La Colombe is a familiar name to any avid coffee connoisseur. Located in SoHo, Hudson Square, NoHo, Tribeca, Wall Street, and Bryant Park, La Colombe will surely find its way to you. Though the lines are notoriously long, keep in mind that the beans are worth the wait. Complex and flavorful, their lattes are unbeatable. I highly recommend their draft latte. It's so frothy and delicious, it'll leave you speechless. Do yourself a favor and head over to one of La Colombe's locations; you'll thank me later.

2. Café Integral

Bottoms up. This hidden gem, nestled in the heart of Nolita, brews some of the finest Nicaraguan coffees in the world. In the mood for an afternoon pick-me-up? Try Café Integral's infamous vanilla latte; it's creamy, strong, frothy, and smooth. Also, it doesn't hurt that their interior aesthetic is every Instagrammer's dream: the natural lighting, minimalistic decor, and marble counters are in full effect. So, if you're in the mood to sip on a rich brew and shamelessly capture a few Insta-worthy pics for your feed, Café Integral is the spot for you. 

3. Two Hands

Ironically enough, Two Hands was the first NYC coffee shop I've ever explored and, boy, was it a great start to my lifetime of cafe-hopping, which is actually my full-time job. Inspired by Australia's coffee hub and innovative food scene, Two Hands' menu features a plethora of intriguing coffee brews and brunch favorites. I highly recommend their vanilla lattes; you'll probably notice a few others who thought alike as well.

4. Blank Slate

Nestled in a corner of NoMad, Blank Slate exclusively serves farm-to-table coffee brews as well as sweet and savory little bites. In the heart of all the city's hustle and bustle, it's hard to find a serene cafe, where you can just sit, unwind, and enjoy an iced latte while overlooking Madison Ave. Fortunately enough, I stumbled upon this spot while waiting for an interview and I'm so glad I did. I recommend pairing their decadent vanilla latte with their infamous avo toast; an unbeatable duo in my book.

5. Coffee Project

Coffee Project revolutionizes the coffee consumer experience, providing guests with a deconstructed latte presented in a trio of wine glasses and beer glasses. Try the Project One, which consists of one shot of espresso, a shot of steamed milk, a latte cup, a glass of sparkling water and a little waffle cookie. If you're looking for a step-up from the typical latte in a cup, check out Coffee Project. Ready to take on part-time barista? Head to CP and curate your own to find out.

6. Happy Bones NYC

It's your classic white-brick Soho coffee shop. Imported from New Zealand, Happy Bones serves up espresso and latte galore. Order a flat white, a.k.a the Aussie version of a latte and Happy Bones' crowd favorite, and let yourself sulk with a good book for a bit. While you're at it, indulge in a latte and capture an aesthetically-pleasing shot for your Instagram feed. Who knew multitasking would feel so good?

7. Birch Coffee

Rich, caffeinated, scrumptious, and beautiful. Oh, I'm talking about the latte of course. PSA to all serious coffee connoisseurs: this one's for you. Birch Coffee meticulously selects their beans, ensuring that all their coffee mixes are roasted to perfection. Committed to being the best cup of coffee you've had all day, Birch Coffee's vanilla latte will be sure to leave you craving another one.

8. Hungry Ghost Coffee

If you ever find yourself in Brooklyn craving a vanilla latte, head to Hungry Ghosts. Roasted in the heart of Brooklyn in partnership with Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Hungry Ghosts serves the finest espresso blend in their coffee concoctions. HG baristas are relentless, constantly chasing the perfect shot. Don't believe me? Order a latte and see for yourself.

9. Bluestone Lane

Let's take a quick trip to Melbourne. Picture this: light blue skies, an all-white color palette, clean-lined trims, and the intoxicating aroma of espresso beans. Bluestone Lane effortlessly captures the Australian coffee experience, brewing up some new takes on classic favorites. Inspired by the Melbourne's riveting coffee scene, Bluestone Lane serves some incredible breakfast delights and espresso concoctions, one of my favorites being their vanilla latte.

10. Ramini Espresso Bar

Strong, smooth, dark, and handsome; those are just some of the characteristics I'd use to describe a Ramini latte. Just one sip will instantly transport you to the lush lands of Kenya, Guatemala, and Ethiopia, where their java beans originate. Essentially a vacation in a cup, Ramini's espresso brews are coveted by travelers near and far. In the mood to experience the espresso blends of the tropics? Head to Ramini right in the heart of 8th ave.

If this round-up of the best lattes in New York City doesn't get you leaping for joy at the thought of your next mid-afternoon brew, then I don't know what will. Check out these spots and enjoy a fabulous latte. Also, be sure to snap a few pictures for the memories; you'll want to hold these lattes near and dear to your heart forever.

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