In the city that never sleeps, lattes are a must. We all have our go-to spots for a cup of coffee, but hunting down a great new café is the perfect way to break out of your routine and try something new.

These rainbow latte shops make it easy to find a delicious way to step out of your comfort zone and also let you participate in the rainbow food trend without all of that artificial coloring found in foods like rainbow bagels. These drinks are a healthy, natural, and totally instagramable way to get your daily energy boost.

The End

The End is a small juice bar and wellness boutique tucked away in Williamsburg. It's the sister store of the Juice Factory in Montauk and brings the same bright beachy vibe to its NYC location. With its opening last spring, The End was one of the first to bring the rainbow latte trend to New York. 

The End's specialty is their Unicorn Latte, a blue drink made with blue-green algae (a great source of protein and vitamins), lemon, ginger, spirulina, and dates for sweetness. It is served either iced or warm with frothed cashew milk. The shop also makes an orange Bonfire Latte made with turmeric and a purple Crystal Latte topped with rock candy.

Bluestone Lane

Bluestone Lane has several NYC locations, but my favorite is their Upper East Side café located on Museum Mile in a beautiful stone-arched space that was originally part of the historic Church of the Heavenly Rest. They are an Australian coffee company and recently added three wellness drinks to their menu, making them a part of the city's colorful latte craze.

Bluestone Lane's rainbow drinks include the ever popular green matcha latte, a golden latte made with turmeric spice blend, and a red beetroot latte. All of the wellness lattes are also prepared with almond milk, making them completely vegan.

The Good Sort

The Good Sort is the newest addition to the rainbow latte scene, having opened only a few weeks ago in a small colorful Chinatown storefront. The vegan coffee shop combines Australian and Chinese cuisine, serving up fresh juices and sweet and savory congees in addition to its lattes.

The Good Sort's drinks come in five varieties: pink beetroot, green matcha, golden turmeric and pepper, blue algae, and black activated charcoal and sesame.

These lattes are by far the best thing to come out of the rainbow food trend. They're unique and delicious while also incorporating superfood ingredients that make them healthy to drink: the perfect combo!