I had the amazing opportunity of studying abroad in the place where your carb dreams come true, because you're surrounded by carbs and dairy everywhere. I got excited at the very thought of being in a place where pizza, pasta, and overall amazing, fresh food was accessible to me. The place I'm talking about is of course, Italy. 

Italy is the birthplace of our favorite midnight drunk snack, pizza. It's also known for its creamy gelato, but have you ever had a sandwich ("panino" in Italian) in Italy? I'm guessing you have, but it's hard to pinpoint which place serves the best sandwich in Florence. Don't get me wrong, America makes some pretty good sandwiches, but Florence just does it better. After only a few weeks in this beautiful city, using my friends' recommendations, I know I have found the best sandwich in all of Florence. And it's not one you would expect in some fancy restaurant or big shop. The best sandwich in Florence is at a small "hole in the wall" shop.  

I Fratellini Has the Best Sandwich

Hannah Sarraf

I know what you're thinking, "How do you know this place has the best sandwiches?" Well, it's not just me who thinks it, just take a look at what other people have to say. This "Hole in the wall" shop only serves  sandwiches and is their specialty. You can also get a cute, small glass of red wine for two euro with your sandwich to wash it all down. It's definitely something you should try together, and you'll fit right in as a local because Italians drink lots of red wine in their diet. To top it off, all of their sandwiches are four euros. 

The picture below shows what I deem the best sandwich in Florence. I'm vegetarian, so it's unfortunate I couldn't try any of their meat sandwiches (especially the prosciutto). I would imagine if you are not a vegetarian/have meat, the sandwiches with prosciutto are incredible. Anyways, if you don't eat meat, not to worry because this vegetarian sandwich will be there for you. It contains arugula, artichoke, goat cheese, tomato, and red onion. The ratio of all the vegetables to goat cheese is perfect. The creaminess of the cheese with the bitterness of the arugula and the juicy tomato, along with the red onion and artichoke, is amazing. To add to this deliciousness, the bread is toasted to perfection, and when you bite into the sandwich, it's like you're in sandwich heaven. I could eat this every day.

Hannah Sarraf

And for the people who love truffle, I have a sandwich for you. The sandwich contains pecorino with truffle in it, and arugula. It's a simple sandwich, but so decadent and rich. The flavors of the cheese, truffle, and arugula balance each other so well, and the bread itself is toasted to perfection. And for the people who love a good caprese, I Fratellini has a mozzarella and tomato sandwich, which is, of course, also heavenly. You really can't go wrong with any sandwich at this small shop. I can almost guarantee you'll want to gobble it down in minutes, but make sure to savor every bite of it. 

If you need any more help on deciding if you should study abroad (or just travel) in Florence, here's a list of "reasons" why you should. And if you ever end up in Florence, make sure to stop by I Fratellini to get the best sandwich! Also, after you get your sandwich fix, you obviously have to get gelato (which, in my humble opinion, is better than ice cream) for dessert while you're in Florence. You can't go wrong with any gelato shop on this list