The original frozen margarita machine was invented right here in DFW, so it's safe to assume that you can find some of the best margaritas in Dallas. If the classic lime & tequila cocktail is up your alley, hit one of these spots next Friday.

1. Mi Cocina

Consistently voted the best margarita in Dallas, Mi Cocina's Mambo Taxi never disappoints. You can add flavors like strawberry and mango to your frozen treat, but—in my opinion—nothing beats the original margarita swirled with sangria.

2. True Food Kitchen

True Foods is a great spot for healthy, locally sourced grub, but also serves a killer margarita. My personal favorite is the Citrus Skinny Margarita, made with muddled citrus, mint, and cucumber. The Ginger Margarita is also a home run, made with both organic tequila and elderflower liquor.

3. Mesero

Mesero is a good alternative for when you and the squad are getting bored of the MiCo/Banditos scene. With a deceivingly good brunch and delicious ceviche, Mesero also offers the "Meserita." Made with citrus, tequila, and cointreau, the Meserita is a fresh take on a great classic.

4. Gloria's

It's impossible not to love Gloria's. A staple for SMU students and Dallas-ites alike. The lively spot offers authentic yet chic Tex-Mex in upscale digs, and the Gloria's signature margarita is unbeatable. The spicy pineapple and blush margaritas both, respectably, give the original a run for its money.

5. Velvet Taco

While it may not be the best in Dallas, Velvet serves a solid marg. And if you need your fix ASAP, their classic frozen margarita is on tap. Only costing $6.50, this is a great treat-yourself cocktail for when midterm stress begins to pile up.

Everyone needs their go-to margarita spot. With February coming to a close, Spring—aka marg season—is on the horizon. Have a girls night, and go (responsibly) try them all!