In such a vibrant place like Kansas City it is not hard to find a Margarita to celebrate any occasion; here we present: Margarita specials for every day of the week.

Monday: El Patron

The Deal: Half price Margaritas and Mojitas all day! 

Pro tip: if you go between 2-6 pm, appetizers are half price too! If you want to go to El patron on another day of the week, their margaritas are also half price 2-6 pm M-F.

Tuesday: Sol Cantina

The Deal: Monday-Fridays from 3-7 pm, they offer Margaritas from $4-5 and have many discounted food options. On Tuesdays, their pork baja tacos are only $2 as well!

Wednesday: Taqueria Mexico

The Deal: One of my favorite deals of all times. $2.50 Margaritas that are pretty large and Tacos that are only $1 as well, so you don't have to leave hungry or with a hole in your pocket.

Thursday: Port Fonda

With happy hour from 3-6, these Margaritas will not disappoint. For a more complete review, check out this article.

Friday: Zocalo

The Deal: Monday to Fridays 3-7 pm there are half price Margaritas and select food. Their chicken nachos for $6 is great to share, but even more, these are hands-down my favorite margaritas, hence, I left it for the best day of the week, Friday to celebrate the weekend. Their house frozen or on the rocks is $4.50 and sure not to disappoint.

Saturday: Kona Grill

The Deal: Finding a weekend happy hour is a little more challenging, but Kona's Grill has got you covered.Happy Hour from 9pm-12 pm with discounted Margaritas and sushi, which is a unique pairing. 

Sunday: Applebee's

The Deal: Okay, so this one may not be local, but this deal is only until the end of the month, and it will only cost you a buck, so it's probably worth a try! And here's the leaked video if you guys want to make it yourself at home and stay in this Sunday.