With spring in the air and a winter that's been uncharacteristically wonderful, I've found myself craving all things bright, peppy, and springtime feeling. Margaritas (by no surprise) have made a home at the top of this list, and since my consumption of these fabulously fruity drinks has become downright embarrassing, I figured I should put it to some good use. Here's a list of my top 6 favorite Kansas City locations to grab a margarita this spring. 

1. El Patron

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Sarah Atallah

Making its home at the top of my list, El Patron gets the gold star for rita taste and restaurant service. With its vast array of flavors (everything from Banana to Cucumber to Piña Colada to Pomegranate) this place has got something for those looking to be a little adventurous but also anyone craving a classic. Located "south of the border"–aka on Southwest Boulevard–in the heart of Kansas City's Hispanic community this cantina has an adorable urban atmosphere while still holding true to that traditional Mexican feel. Get the bartender I had and you can even learn the whole history of Margarita, the little old lady who made her household recipe a world renowned classic. Oh and did I mention Margarita Mondays? Half price all day... what else could you need?

2. Port Fonda

Port Fonda makes the list for two reasons... and both are margaritas. Taking first is the Hibiscus Margarita which is not only glorious to look at (pictured above) but totally phenomenal to taste. It's also found on the happy hour–as if you needed another excuse to try it. The Mango Habanero Margarita takes a close and contestable second in the Fonda rita experience. The frozen drink somehow manages to simultaneously set your mouth on fire and also be one of the best things you have ever tasted. I know the flavors may seem a little eccentric but I swear if you're willing to dance a little on the wild side, these margs surely won't disappoint.

3. Chuy's

Coming in third, Chuy's on the Plaza is a renowned KC classic for margarita lovers. Personally, I'd recommend the Frozen Swirl; it combines the traditional margarita lime taste with the sweetness of the beloved strawberry. Regardless of which flavor you choose, you're sure to be in for a treat. Looking for a "big bang for your buck?" These guys get it. They've got this "Grande House" option that I'm convinced some lightweights could drown in and, honestly, even the regular happy hour margaritas are huge! The quirky feel of this tex-mex local makes for a fun and inviting atmosphere, plus they have an overhang deck that'll give you a gorgeous view of the Plaza Fountain. Topping it all off, try bringing in a framed picture of your dog–the pup will not only get a spot on Chuy's wall but they'll even give you a free appetizer.

4. Ponak's

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Sarah Atallah

Super tasty but low-key potent, watch yourself when you get these bad boys as experience proves that if you're not too careful they may have you stumbling on the way back to your car. Another location "south of the border," Ponak's has both great drinks and food at awesome prices. All the dishes come with a super cheap al a carte option which, take my word, is all you'll probably need. Seriously the food is so huge and so filling even with just the entree you'll still head home with a doggy bag. And did I mention everything tastes fan-friggen-tastic? I honestly haven't had a bad thing on the menu. 

5. Kona Grill

It may seem uncharacteristic to put a sushi place down on a list for best margarita experiences, but head over to Kona's Happy Hour and you'll see what I mean. Not only are the margs bomb, but you're also getting sushi for $6 and literally the most mouth watering, delicious, melted gouda fondu that you could ever imagine. My friends and I hit up the grill probably 3-4 times a month and only feel mildly embarrassed admitting our obsession out loud. They've also got a Reverse Happy Hour starting 10pm with the same full menu so day or night the ritas and gouda are waiting for you. 

6. Sol Cantina

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Sarah Atallah

Rounding out the end of my list, Sol is no margarita contender to be forgotten. The cantina found on infamous "Martini Corner" in KC's Union Hill has an adorable backdoor patio, a tiki bar, and one of the biggest indoor bartops I've seen in Kansas City. Head there on Mondays with a friend or two and take advantage of the half price pitchers OR get margaritas on the rocks for $4 at any weekday happy hour. The location is great with three other bars located around each corner so it's an awesome start for any night out with the gang. Oh, and if you're hungry for sure go for the nachos–you won't regret it.

So whether you're looking for a strong drink, a classic KC view, a place for you and your pals, or even a drink that's new and exciting, this list has got you covered for any rita needs. It doesn't matter if you're like me and just craving everything fun and in the sun, or even if you just need a little tequila after a hard day on the job... there is always a margarita calling your name, and, honestly, who are we to deny it.