Living in the literal shadow of the M-Street cupcakeries, such as Georgetown Cupcake or Sprinkles Cupcakes, lives a local favorite- Baked and Wired. Whether you're looking for dessert, lunch, coffee or a cozy place to study, Baked and Wired is the place to go. 

Reed Erickson


If you have the time, money and metabolism to try all 20+ flavors, I say go for it. From their signature flavors to the festive holiday creations, you really can't go wrong. These HUGE cupcakes, individually wrapped with a generous swirl of frosting, are perfect to share. Or if you're me, you'll order 4 pretending you'll share but eat them all yourself in the back.

ice, coffee, tea
Reed Erickson

My personal favorites are The Vegan and the Pretty Bitchin'. THAT'S RIGHT I SAID VEGAN PEOPLE. I discovered this beautiful cookies and cream delight by accident (and by accident I mean blessing) and it's been my not-so-guilty pleasure ever since. And did I mention that you can order in advance? These cupcakes are seriously good, but if they aren't your thing, do not fear!

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Reed Erickson

Time to get Baked (goods)

Bars, biscotti, breakfast breads, brownies, buttermilk biscuits, cakes, coffee cakes, cookies, muffins, pies and quiche... oh my! From sweet to savory, breakfast to brunch, cozy to cool, this place has everything. Make sure you get there early before the quiche sells out and be willing to wait in line- totally worth it.

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Reed Erickson

Get Baked with your Dog!

With (limited) outdoor seating right next to the canal, dogs are more than welcome! Treat your best friend to a zillabonez. Homemade and hand rolled all-natural dog treats with flavors like bacon & cheese, BBQ kitty riblets, chicken & cheese, PB crunch.

Reed Erickson

Cookies 'n Sammies

There's a dozen flavors, but they don't make them all everyday, so if you're looking for one in particular you can call ahead and they'll make sure they have it waiting for you. Pack a box or pick two and make a sammie. DC is a disgusting swamp town in the summer and there is nothing like a homemade ice cream sandwich to cool you down by the waterfront.

coffee, tea
Reed Erickson

Get Wired

Traditional coffee and espresso drinks from local roasters handcrafted by friendly baristas are sure to give you kick you need. Not your thing? They also have a variety of teas to enjoy there or steep yourself at home! Hot and cold drinks alike can be enjoyed on the couches or taken on the go.

espresso, coffee
Reed Erickson

Why go anywhere else?

This didn't become a local favorite for nothing- the rooms are always packed with students, coffee lovers and book lovers. If you're lucky enough to snag a seat, chances are you'll stay for a while. Shelves with magazines and an active book exchange make this place really feel like home.