For all the midnight snackers, drunken partiers or Netflix watchers laying in bed who are in need of a quick meal, here are the go-to places to get a late night snack in Oxford, MS: 

1. Dodo Pizza

sauce, mozzarella, dough, cheese, pepperoni, crust, pizza
Mary Alexander Hooker

Dodo Pizza Shop is an all-natural, artisan pizza place that is fairly new to the Oxford community. Open until 12:30 AM, Dodo Pizza will deliver right to your door and is sure to melt in your mouth. 

2. Pita Pit

Power. To. The. Sandwich. Just a quick walk from the bars on The Square, Pita Pit is open until 1 AM on the weekdays and 3 AM on the weekends. It's the perfect place to get a satisfying sandwich, or you can call for delivery (like me). 

3. Yoknapa Taco

chips, potato, cheddar, nachos, cheese
Hannah Trinkle

The hours and location vary, but you can normally find this food truck open at 1 AM on weekend nights in the alley across from The Levee, serving drunk students their mouthwatering tacos.


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Hannah Trinkle

Nothing says "breakfast for dinner" like IHOP. They serve pancakes 24 hours a day, so you are sure to leave with a happy stomach when you go here for your late night snack. 

5. Jimmy John's

meat, cheese, turkey, bread, tomato, lettuce, ham, sandwich
Mary Alexander Hooker

I think we can all agree, Jimmy John's is the biggest lifesaver when you get home after a night out. The speedy quick delivery service and the fact that they are open until 1 AM is truly a blessing to us all after having one too many drinks and dying of hunger. 

6. Chicken on a Stick 

One of Oxford's most popular spots is located at the Chevron gas station right off of The Square on South Lamar. Chicken on a Stick is literally the biggest game changer when you need a late night snack after a long night at the bars. 

7. Wing Stop

Wings, my first true love. Nothing sounds better than laying in bed and watching my favorite Netflix show and devouring at least 12 chicken wings drenched in ranch. Thankfully, Wing Stop is open until midnight. 

8. Square Pizza

tomato, salami, sauce, cheese, mozzarella, dough, crust, pepperoni, pizza
Caroline LeGates

*To the tune of Spongebob's "Krusty Krab Pizza"*

Square pizza, is the pizza, for you and me! I kid you not, every time I walk into Square Pizza (slightly tipsy) I sing this remix to the "Krusty Krab Pizza" song because who's not happy when they get to eat at this place? And to make it even better, Square Pizza is open until 1 AM. 

9. Huddle House

Here is another breakfast option for all you waffle, bacon and hashbrown lovers. Huddle House is located on Jackson Avenue, open for 24 hours and it is CHEAP.

10. Domino's Pizza

There is not anything super special about Domino's, except for the fact that if you call, they will answer (and deliver). Domino's is open until 2 AM and will bring you a cheesy pizza right to the door.