Oxford is known for its abundance of boys, booze, and bars.  We paired up all of the Ole Miss frats with their bar doppelgängers.    

Alpha Tau Omega: Funky's 

beer, pizza, coffee
Hannah Summers

Funky's is always a good time. It's always loud and bright.  Funky's and ATO both know how to embody the life of the party.

Delta Psi : The Wine Bar

Hannah Summers

The Wine Bar is by far the most sophisticated bar on the Square.  Much the same, Delta Psi boys are super smart and going to have good jobs. These are the guys you want to marry.  

Kappa Alpha Order:  Mr. Feathers

beer, tea, cake
Hannah Summers

Much like KA, we really wanted to like Mr. Feathers.  However, two words come to mind when we think about both: try hards. They are both also really far away from civilization. 

Kappa Sigma: The Round Table 

beer, coffee, tea, ale
Hannah Summers

The Round Table is our favorite place for a chill night on The Square.  It's really small and really tight knit.  Our favorite things about The Round Table are our favorite things about Kappa Sig. 

Phi Delta Theta: Frank and Marlee's

beer, cake, tea, pizza, coffee
Hannah Summers

We can all agree that Frank and Marlee's is only subpar when it comes to fun.  We can also agree that Phi Delt shares that same trait.  You go to Frank and Marlee's about once a year for the swings and then you're over it. 

Phi Kappa Psi: The Levee 

beer, pizza, coffee, wine
Hannah Summers

We've never been to the Levee expecting to have a good time because the bar is 18+.  However, each of our Levee experiences have been pleasant surprises. This is also true about all over our Phi Psi experiences.  We aren't sure if this is because of the blackout buckets or because of the DJs. 

Phi Kappa Tau: Shelter on Van Buren 

beer, pizza, coffee, tea
Hannah Summers

During the day, Shelter is a chill coffee shop.  However, at night, they start serving beer and have live music.  Phi Kappa Tau is the same way.  Chill during the day and wild at night. 

Sigma Nu: The Library 

beer, wine
Hannah Summers

Our favorite frat gets our favorite bar.  

Pi Kappa Alpha: Rowdy Rebs

beer, tea, coffee, ale
Hannah Summers

This one kind of speaks for itself.  

Pi Kappa Phi: Proud Larry's

beer, wine, coffee, tea
Hannah Summers

Both Pi Kappa Phi and Proud Larry's are kind of low-key and kind of exclusive.  However, we're not sure why because they're not anything special.  

Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Rooster's  

beer, coffee
Hannah Summers

SAE knows how to party, but they never do because their bad reputation could get them into trouble.  Everyone tries to have fun at Rooster's but end up getting their fakes taken away or falling down the stairs.  It's easy to get into trouble for a good time. 

Sigma Chi: The Cellar

pizza, beer, cake, tea, coffee
Hannah Summers

This analogy comes from the fact that Sigma Chi has a creepy basement. There are no windows, and it's hard for us to find an exit plan. We instantly feel trapped as soon as we walk in. Unofficially, we feel at our lowest points in the Sigma Chi basement.

Sigma Pi: Rafters 

pizza, beer, coffee, steak
Hannah Summers

People go there and have fun, but it's nothing above average.