Picnic Day is one of UCD's oldest traditions. Each year the school puts up a fair full of exhibits, entertainment and most importantly, food. UC Davis started Picnic Day as a family-friendly for people all over California to come and enjoy the different events, such as the Doxie Derby and the Chemistry Magic Show. Between you and me, however, us Aggies have found ways to turn Picnic Day into a little something else...

Sitting on the quad listening to our school's a cappella groups, or lining up for free tomato plants wouldn't be complete without a snack in hand. So, if you're still craving the garlic fries that you had that day, then look no further. These are where you can find the food trucks from Picnic Day.

Bacon Mania

Bacon Mania is exactly what you would think it is, a food truck dedicated to the world's greatest salted cured meat concoction. On this truck are bacon-wrapped mac and cheese balls, pulled pork sandwiches and Piggy Fries with pork. 

Cowtown Creamery

The only thing better than ice cream is moo-ving ice cream! On a hot day, treat yourself to frozen lemonade, hand-spun milk shakes and a Jersey Boy waffle cone with hot fudge, peanuts and vanilla ice cream in the Sacramento area. 

Smoker's Wild 

Smoker's Wild is not for the faint of heart. For hungry carnivores in the Sacramento area, come to this truck for Cajun Bleu burgers and pork queso sandwiches. You can even make combo plates for all the meat fixings that you'll ever need. 

Wandering Boba

What would California be without its favorite Asian drink? As a Filipino, this truck is a personal favorite of mine. In addition to the boba they have, the menu also includes sisig (spicy fried pork face) fries, Lumpiang Shanghai and popcorn chicken. These are all the fried fixings that any hungry Asian girl would ever need, favorite drink in hand as well. Rice plates also include silog (rice and meat) breakfasts, chicken adobo and Spam musubi. Find them in Sacramento through their Facebook page. 

Gameday Grill 

Gameday Grill reminds you of everything you would ever need at a tailgate: all of the works, none of the frills and anything that you would need to fill you up. Another of Sacramento's food trucks, Gameday Grill boasts hunger-satisfying dishes like their signature Puerto Rican plate, loaded fries and a Western burger with onion rings, bacon and cheese. 

Hefty Gyro 

In need of a lamb gyro or a chicken over rice plate? Head over to Hefty Gyro. This is a meal that will be hefty without the guilt. If you're feeling a little adventurous, you should also try their Special Fries with Sriracha and Tzatziki sauce

Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen

I am personally one to love a good sandwich. Drewski's hot rod kitchen makes for a perfect lunch with their Fastback, an Asian style braised beef sandwich, and their Prius, a Brie melt sandwich with honey and apples. You can also look to bump up your typical grilled cheese with the Tricycle's three-cheese sandwich. 

Green Papaya

For all my periodic pad thai cravings, I head over to this food truck that hails from Stockton and Sacramento. I recommend ordering the Spicy Lao Sausage and Basil Fried Rice--this is the Asian hangover food that you won't regret. 

Buckhorn Grill 

Practically a carnivore? Track this Food Truck in the Sacramento area and treat yourself to smokey garlic pulled pork, char-roasted tri-tip sandwiches and char-broiled chicken sandwiches. There's nothing more satisfying than well-seasoned meat fresh off the grill. 

Smokin Hot Pizza

We all know that pizza is great, but what's better than pizza is a moving wood-fire pizza truck. At this truck you can find true classics in pizza form such as the cheeseburger pizza and the bacon mac and cheese pizza. 

Chando's Tacos

Around 2530 Boatman Avenue, West Sacramento, you should make Taco Tuesdays your ritual. This Mexican taco truck will do you better than Chipotle. Traditional quesadillas, mulitas, tostadas and tortas will satisfy any cheesy-guacamole craving that you will ever have.

Kado's Asian Grill

Kado's Asian Grill features food that is simple and satisfying. Here you'll find Spam musubis, Japanese-style ribs, and Teriyaki chicken rice bowls.

On the Fry 

French fries have to be your most favorite finger food in the world (next to dinosaur chicken nuggets, at least). Here you can gorge yourself on the tri-tip loaded fries, garlic fries, and buffalo chicken fries. There is something about salty, fried, hot potatoes that makes everything good in the world better.