With the new DH hours this semester, just about everyone's lunch schedule can be accommodated. However, if you're tired of waiting in the lunch crunch lines, or you want to avoid the DH process altogether, these ND sandwich shops are the perfect place to grab a quick bite.


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Natalie Marshall

Okay, so maybe the DH isn't so bad for a solid customized sandwich. In addition to making you feel like you're eating in Hogwarts, SDH has the potential for some sweet sandwiches of any kind. Try the turkey, cheese, tomato, and pesto combo pictured below for a filling option. Not only is the food great, but there's tons of natural light to keep your spirits lifted. South's interior architectural design is also pretty interesting and can keep your mind occupied while you munch or chat with friends. 

Café de Grásta

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Anna Bradley

Located in the first floor of Grace, Café de Grásta is the culinary boon of the north side of campus. It's famous for its tasty wraps but its daily specials come in a close second. They serve breakfast for dinner, zucchini fries, pasta, and a variety of other options to keep the menu diverse. The café has a soup and salad bar as well as a variety of smaller snack items and desserts. As an additional bonus, the seating area is extensive and filled with natural light, which is a major plus at this time of year. 

Au Bon Pain

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Maria Townsend

ABP's extensive hours and even more extensive menu have bumped it up to my favorite non-DH dining experience campus has to offer. It's located on the first floor of the library, which makes it the perfect place for a study break snack. "The Good Egg" sandwich pictured below is the perfect blend of egg, cheese, avocado, tomato, and spinach on a bagel. On top of all the sandwiches ABP offers, their mac 'n' cheese is phenomenal and they have two full dessert cases. YUM.  

Express Dining Locations

ND is home to eight express locations, which means that they serve sandwiches, wraps, and other small items, but not fare on a restaurant scale. They're scattered throughout all of campus, so wherever you happen to be, you'll never be far away from a great lunch. Current locations include:

a la Descartes - located on the first floor of the Jordan Hall of Science

Café Commons - in the lower level of the Mendoza College of Business

bacon, sandwich, spinach
Anna Bradley

Decio Café - located on the first floor of Decio faculty hall

Café Poché - on the first floor of Bond Architecture Hall

Kitz Kafé - find it in the Stinson-Remick Hall of Engineering 

ABP Express - not as diverse as the ABP located in Club Hes, but (almost) just as good. The iced coffee is a nice plus too.

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Natalie Marshall

Crossings - my personal fave, located in the Eck Law School commons

Waddick's - super popular spot in O'Shag

Einstein Bros Bagels - easily the best bagels on campus. Located in the Hammes Bookstore, these bagels are the perfect breakfast fix. Check out this double decker sausage egg breakfast bagelN

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Natalie Marshall