The Connecticut Shoreline is famously known as the land of seersucker, swimsuits, and seafood. Quiet little beach towns that line the Long Island Sound explode during the summer months as the people who occupy the summer houses arrive. What comes with the New England Summer lifestyle is a love for all things lobster, but specifically lobster rolls. Especially here in Connecticut, us Nutmegers search high and wide for this delicacy.  Since I am lucky enough to live in one of these amazing towns all year long, I have tried about every lobster roll from Fairfield to Mystic, many times over. After more than a decade of indulging in this New England classic every summer, I have finally determined where to find the best lobster roll on the CT shoreline. 

Venture to the small town of Clinton, CT, just about 30 minutes east of New Haven, and you will find a little shack near the marina called Lobster Landing. Although it does not look like much, this is where you find the best lobster roll EVER. Even though it is the town over from where I live, my family first discovered this life-changing place when we first got our boat and kept it at that marina. My Dad, who I like to think I acquired my foodie tendencies from, took one bite and without hesitation declared that it was the best lobster roll he's had in a long time. This was not something to take lightly coming from him. 

Lobster Landing is special because it only serves three things: lobster rolls, hot dogs, and sausage and peppers. They serve their famed lobster rolls hot on a toasted hot dog bun, and stuffed to capacity with butter-drenched, fresh caught lobster with a hint of lemon. 

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Hattie Swank

Are you drooling yet? They taste just as good as they look. Even on a hot summer day, the drops of warm butter on your chin as you dive into this toasted piece of art is one the best parts as summer, as the restaurant is only open during this season. What makes these the best lobster rolls on the shoreline is not only the delicious taste and texture of the lobster itself, but the fact that you can enjoy it while you sit on the water and watch the boats go by. This true New England staple undoubtedly has nailed the creation of a lobster roll in a perfectly nautical atmosphere which never ever fails to impress. For me, Lobster Landing's opening day may possibly be one of the best days of the year. Whether you're from five minutes away or an hour and five, Lobster Landing is a destination all people in New England should travel to. 

Hattie Swank