While the rest of the University of Michigan was in PV over spring break shoving their faces with quesadillas, nachos, and burritos, we were eating our way through Newport Beach (shoutout to our good friend Maddie for being our food tour guide). From the fresh guacamole to the açaí bowls, we did California food right. These were the standout spots that Newport natives rave about and we couldn't get enough of. 

1. Pressed Juicery

This magnificent creation is just frozen juice. Talk about a guilt-free dessert. Get a vanilla Freeze with almond butter, granola, and your fav fruit. 

2. True Food

True Food is healthy food done right. It satisfies your tastebuds and keeps you full for hours. Not to mention its menu is vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Try the quinoa burger, it's fire. Or make a similar one using this recipe

3. Urth Caffé

This was a spot we were dying to hit, because who doesn't want to pretend they're in the cast of Entourage? Highlights were the Spanish Latte Granita with boba and the Organic Green Tea Boba. If you're asking yourself "what is 'boba?'" right now, you need to check out this article. You are missing out.

4. Bear Flag Fish Co.

If you want fresh, quick, inexpensive seafood right by the ocean, Bear Flag Fish Co. is the place to go. It's a great lunch stop if you are shopping at Pacific City. From the ceviche to fish tacos, you can't go wrong here.

5. Banzai Bowl

If you're an açaí bowl fan, you will die and go to açaí bowl heaven here. These insanely 'grammable bowls are huge and satisfy any sweet tooth. This is the perfect treat to pick up and take to the beach to enjoy the Newport Beach sun.

7. Avila's El Ranchito

Okay, so we were a little jealous of our friends in PV. So we decided to bring the fiesta to us. And Avila's El Ranchito is the place to go for quality Mexican in Newport. It has the chunkiest and freshest guac around. 

8. Philz Coffee

Last but not least is Philz Coffee. You have to try the Mint Mojito (get it sweet and creamy). Regular coffee will never be the same. Despite the name, Philz's Mint Mojito contains no alcohol and is just a minty coffee drink. If you're looking for a boozy mint mojito, try out these recipes.

LA clearly isn't the only SoCal hotspot for amazing food. If you haven't already booked your ticket to Newport, better do it now.