Though the term is French, Beignets are English "fritters" made from frying dough, which are then sprinkled with powdered sugar. Basically, these sweet treats are a little bite of heaven, so you can understand why someone would search long and hard for the best beignets in their local area. Together, my Spoon chapter and I searched to find the best beignets in NYC and we narrowed it down to four! Being the dessert freak I am, I admittedly enjoyed every minute of this search.

Delimarie ($)

Delimarie is a classic deli downtown. They serve up the loveliest beignets for a small price. Crispy on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside, these beignets compete for the best in NYC.

Cookshop ($$)

This is the ideal place to get a sweet-tasting brunch. Cookshop’s beignets are made with a roasted pear compote and fresh ricotta cheese. Can you say "yum?"

Ducks Eatery ($$)

In the east village, Ducks Eatery blows other restaurants out of the water. The whole experience at Ducks is amazing, but their beignets top off the whole meal. Served with a side of chocolate sauce, my mouth waters at every glance of the dessert.

Nosh Borough ($)

beignets, cream, sweet, cake, chocolate
Mara Davis

Off the Manhattan Island and venturing into Queens, Nosh Borough blew me away with their fantastic beignets. These beignets are combined with sweet potatoes for that sweet taste and are powdered sugar-free. Nosh takes a different approach to creating that delicious beignet.

After eating an overload of beignets, I found a love for these fluffy pastry treats. These spots in New York City are the absolute best for having a sweet snack. I plan to revisit these restaurants as soon as possible to get myself some BOMB beignets.