If you're a human being on planet Earth, you've most likely have seen an açaí bowl. Maybe you weren't sure exactly what is was, but your Insta feed has definitely been full of pictures of the colorful concoctions. Secretly, you probably want to post your ownaçaí bowl picture too. While University of Delaware does not have a spot for açaí bowls on campus, going to school so close to Philadelphia has perks - case in point, Stripp'd Juice. But before we get to Stripp'd, let's start at the basics so you're ready for your açaí bowl experience. 

What is Açaí anyway?

This Brazilian berry is considered a superfood due to its high antioxidant content. This means it has multiple health benefits that will only do good for your body. It can help improve your immune, circulatory and digestive system all at once. The berry's strong nutritional composition full of vitamins and electrolytes will give your body an energy boost while fighting off harmful toxins. Açaí's high fiber content will leave you feeling full and will fight off any sweet tooth cravings.

It is sold in powdered form, along with the more popular version of frozen packets, which you should be able to find in the frozen aisle of your grocery store. However, if you are too lazy or don't know how to make your own at home, one of the best places closest to UD's campus (although it's definitely not close enough) is Stripp'd Juice. 

Stripp'd sells their açaí as equally delicious and healthy smoothie bowls. They come loaded with the different ingredients and toppings you choose and will leave you stuffed, but wanting more.

What is Stripp'd?

Stripp'd Juice not only dishes out amazing açaí bowls, but they also have an extensive list of juices, along with healthy staples like Chipotle Guac Toast. They stand for locally sourced, organic and non-GMO ingredients that are high-quality and delicious. Their bowls (choice of açai or matcha) are blended with fruit into a smooth, thick consistency and layered with granola, more fruit and a drizzle of honey. The bowl comes with your choice of three superfood toppings to add on - some include their house made peanut butter, fresh shaved coconut or goji berries. 

Where is Stripp'd?

Located in Old City, Philadelphia, Stripp'd Juice's is situated just over a mile outside of center city and just a short walk from Penn's Landing at 263 N 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106. They share a quaint space with their neighboring business, Inspired Brews Fermentary, who serve various teas and kombuchas. Looking to expand their business, Stripp'd recently opened a new location in Fishtown, Philadelphia at 1428 Frankford Ave. This space is much bigger than the original and offers a larger menu with more diverse variations of healthy meals, including their vegetarian "Stripp'd Burger" and a Brioche Egg Sandwich. 

 The next time you take a trip to Philly or if you are really in the mood for the perfect açaí bowl, Stripp'd Juice is the place to go. Although it seems like a far drive, it's insanely worth it. Their appetizing bowls will have you hooked on the açaí trend that's taking over the lives of anyone who tries them. Make sure to grab a friend and drive straight to Stripp'd.