Sweet Tea: there is no better drink. It is a staple in the South and to true Southerners, it is its own food group. The base of their food pyramid, it satisfies a thirst and is a delight to a sweet tooth. For every meal, this delectable drink is ordered and refills come every couple minutes. The strangest thing to a Southerner is when Unsweet Tea is ordered (adding Splenda does not make it "Sweet Tea").

Unknown to the rest of the country, there are skills in perfecting a sweet tea recipe. Every restaurant makes their tea a little different and well, Cincinnati needs to take some notes. To help fix your sweet tea craving and to make sure you go to the right restaurants, I've done some taste testing (you're welcome).

Keystone Bar and Grill

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Mackenzie Schoen

This is a good sweet tea. Every time the waitress filled my glass up and left, I needed another refill. The freshly brewed tea is evident and the sugar they use has a unique flavor that satisfies my Southern Sweet Tea craving. Pairing their tea with their bar food makes me feel like I am in the South for at least an hour. So good job, Keystone, you've got the hang of it. 

Raising Cane's

tea, ice, soda, juice
Mackenzie Schoen

Like any fried chicken restaurant, their Sweet Tea better be spot on, and Raising Cane's is close to perfection. The best part is the free self refills, so I don't feel bad when I drink it way too quickly. I have watched them make their tea, so I know it's brewed fresh and they use just enough simple syrup to ensure the sweetness of their tea satisfies their true Southern customers. I am impressed, but I still know I'm in Ohio.  


Amanda Donovan

Every college student agrees that McDonald's wins the contest when it comes to food, but on my list, it's their Sweet Tea that's number one. The blend is a perfect balance of sweet and satisfying. I couldn't even sip my tea because I drank it so fast and kept wanting more and more. Across the country, McDonald's continues to make a great sweet tea that allows true Southerners to get their fix. 

If you're not a sweet tea fan, first: you are crazy and second: you can check out this article by Rebeka Alvarez-Heck from the University of Chicago about how to brew your own iced tea. Drink on.