With spring quickly approaching as the temperatures rise, farmers' market season is among us. Students at UNC Wilmington are blessed with a wealth of options when seeking out local produce. Though no single definition for “local” exists, let’s construe local produce as produce “grown in the Carolinas.” After all, agriculture has been the pillar of North Carolina's economy for more than a century. Here's where you can find locally sourced produce in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Riverfront Farmers' Market

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Casey Auch

Open every Saturday from April 16th to November 19th, the Riverfront Farmers' Market allows farmers, artisans, and producers to sell directly to their customers, fostering a sense of community in downtown. Some small farmers sell fruits and vegetables in the parking lot on the corner of North Water and Princess Street, though the streets are primarily filled with artists and craftsmen. Be sure to grab a jar of Lunchbox Pickles in the parking lot, too.

Port City Produce

Eating local doesn't have to be expensive. Port City Produce off of Market Street offers local options at the same low price of Walmart veggies. Unlike the Riverfront Farmers' Market, Port City Produce is open five days a week, granting access to local food to those hungover on Saturday mornings. Vegetables cure all, right?

Tidal Creek Co-op

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Casey Auch

Tidal Creek, the community-owned grocery store here in Wilmington, is also a natural foods store. Offering local produce, a salad bar, and a wide specialty food selection, Tidal Creek is a great place to shop. 

#SpoonTip: check out their events page for fun community activities 

Whole Foods

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Casey Auch

Located on Oleander Road, Whole Foods has surprising sales. Check online before shopping to get the best deal. Just last week I bought 3 bunches of kale for $5! They offer a variety of local produce and mark it well.  

The Produce Box

Shopping local not only helps you be your best self, but also benefits the environment, the economy, and your community. With Wilmington's wide range of options, whether it be farmers' markets, stores, or even delivery services, you have every opportunity to support your local businesses.