Shalom y’all! It’s the season our stomachs have been waiting for– Rosh Hashanah (bring out the matzah balls). Although we can’t all fly home to our bubbie's kitchen for the Jewish New Year, traditional Jewish food may not be as far as you think. Tell your parents you're ringing in 5777 right and get all these Jewish foods to make you feel just like you're home. 

1. Matzah Ball Soup from Chabad

soup, broth
Samantha Locker

Every great Jewish meal starts with a bowl of matzah ball soup. If you want the closest thing to eating your grandma’s soup, then Chabad is the place to be. Served in a huge pot, this soup will give you an overwhelming sense of comfort when you take that first bite of soft matzah ball.

If you aren't down for a whole Jewish meal, HK NOLA and Stein’s have authentic soups for a quicker fix. Even better, have your parents send you soup from the Hillel delivery service.  

2. Bagel + Lox from Humble Bagel

sandwich, bread, bacon, cheese
Samantha Locker

After moving from New York City to New Orleans, I thought my love affair with bagels and lox would be put to a halt. My bagel standards are set extremely high, but Humble Bagel on Freret Street is truly a little piece of New York in NOLA. The bagels are warm and doughy, and the toppings are endless. I could get used to this.  

 3. Apple + Honey from Bruff

honey, syrup, jam, maple syrup, oil, marmalade
Samantha Locker

Good news–you can dive into a sweet New Year while taking advantage of your swipes. Bruff has apples and honey, and it's basically like eating for free (well, at least that's what it feels like in the moment). If you are looking for a fancier option, try Whole Foods or seek out a local farmers market.  

 4. Challah from HK NOLA

doughnut, chocolate
Samantha Locker

HK NOLA is absolutely delicious. You can buy fresh challah from this kosher restaurant located in the Tulane Hillel building. Everything at HK NOLA is kosher and freshly baked in house. Bonus, they take wavebucks.  

5. Jewish Deli Meats from Stein's Market & Deli  

bread, sandwich, ham
Samantha Locker

Entering Stein’s is like being transported to your favorite local deli. They have everything from stellar corn beef on rye, bagels and lox, tuna melts, and a selection of snacks including babka, bagel chips, and more. 

6. Hummus and Pita from Shaya

soup, bread, cream, parsley
Samantha Locker

Not necessarily food from your grandma's kitchen, but every Tulane student knows that Shaya is where it's at. The hummus tastes like it's straight from Israel and the pita keeps flowing like the Jordan river. An honorable mention should also be made for the falafel sandwiches and shakshuka. Just know that reservations fill up quickly, so you may already be behind for next year.

7. Sweet Treats from Maple Street Patisserie

Samantha Locker

Maple Street Patisserie is a local go-to for Jewish treats. Just a short walk away from campus, they are baking fresh Challah, babka, hamantaschen, and rugelach on the daily. It's the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth for an epic New Year. 

Next time you're on the phone with your parents, I hope you're able to brag about the insane Jewish foods you devoured the day before. Shana Tova from my dorm to yours.