With what seems like a million and one pizza restaurant choices to pick from in Tallahassee, making sure you choose the right place can be a daunting task. Lucky for you, your perfect restaurant match is written in the stars, so there's no need for you to spend one minute longer pondering those Yelp reviews you keep rereading. Your favorite pizza in Tallahassee is written in the stars.

Aries—The Ram (March 21-April 19): Gaines Street Pies

Your adventurous and energetic spirit makes the funky Gaines Street Pies the perfect restaurant to satisfy your carby needs. In addition to really tasty pizza options (and killer garlic knots, seriously so delicious), you'll find cool decorations, creative wall art, and flyers for every kind of event ever going on in Tallahassee. And to top it off, there is an amazing whisky bar, Warhorse, right next door. It's the perfect place for you to start your big night out for dinner and a couple drinks.

Taurus—The Bull (April 20-May 20): Centrale Italian Parlour

Taurus people love fine dining and foods that burst with complex flavors, so Centrale Italian Parlour is the perfect restaurant for them. Centrale's stylish, Italian-rustic decor is sure to draw the Taurus in, but it's extensive menu (that includes pastas and amazing appetizer/charcuterie selections in addition to all the pizza) and wine/cocktail list will keep the Taurus coming back for more. 

Gemini—The Twins (May 21-June 20): Blaze Pizza

Gemini's love to cook, so it only makes sense that a build-your-own pizza place is the perfect Gemini fit. At Blaze, Gemini's will love the fact that they can customize their pizza exactly how they'd make it for themselves at home. Plus, Blaze pizza is prepared quickly enough so Gemini's can spend time focusing on their real priorities, their company.

Cancer—The Crab (June 21-July 22): Village Pizza & Pasta

Cancer's are homebodies at heart, so it makes perfect sense that they prefer a restaurant environment to be nice and cozy, or even remind them of home. So, Village Pizza & Pasta is the perfect place for the Cancer: it's a family-run establishment known for its delicious New York Style pizza. In addition to their extensive wine list, their carb-heavy menu makes for the perfect comfort food for the Cancer to feel right at home.

Leo—The Lion (July 23-August 22): Isabella's Pizzeria Napoletana

Leo craves elegance and authenticity, so Isabella's authentic Napoletana pizza is perfectly suited for the Leo taste palette. While Isabella's environment is simple, it's rustic decor and the smell radiating from the wood-fired oven is perfect to stimulate a Leo's senses. The authentic pizza will make you feel like you just got back from Italy yourself. Top it off with one of their 5 unique and homemade gelato flavors to bring the experience full circle. 

Virgo—The Virgin (August 23-September 22): Mellow Mushroom

The Virgo generally is among the most health conscious of the zodiac, and Mellow Mushroom has the fresh ingredients and variety that the Virgo craves. For those with more restricted diets, Mellow Mushroom has great vegetarian and gluten-free options. Also, their light appetizers like their hummus and bruschetta platters are the perfect start to any meal at Mellow Mushroom.

Libra—The Scales (September 23-October 22): Gumby's Pizza

Libra's love to have a good time, and everyone in Tallahassee knows that Gumby's is always where the best post-games happen. After a crazy happy hour or night out at The Strip, Libra's love indulging in the drunk-munch. Pokey Sticks are the perfect object of indulgence for the Libra.

Scorpio—The Scorpion (October 23-November 21): Northside Pies

This low-key, cozy restaurant is perfect for the Scorpio, who loves to enjoy quiet, private nights out. It's laid-back pizza joint that will satisfy every Scorpio's pizza craving. Even better, their thorough beer list adds a special flare to Northside Pies, giving the Scorpio the opportunity to experiment with interesting new flavors.

Sagittarius—The Archer (November 22-December 21): Riccardo's Restaurant

Notorious globetrotters, the Sagittarius eater loves to seek out restaurants that are authentic, and Riccardo's is that place. The cute and casual decor will remind you of an Italian diner and the food will impress even the most cultured of tastebuds. Plus, the freshly baked bread melts in your mouth...winning.

Capricorn—The Goat (December 22-January 19): Midtown Pies

Capricorn's feed off a place's atmosphere and Midtown Pies has the perfect vibes for a night of delicious pizza and drinks. The atmosphere is chill and the staff noted for their friendliness, and the pizza is to die for. Crispy and chewy and flavorful in every bite, the Capricorn will be sure to enjoy a night spent with their favorite people at Midtown Pies.

Aquarius—The Water Bearer (January 20-February 18): Momo's Pizza

The Aquarius loves things that are innovative and original, and Momo's "slices as big as your head" fit this description perfectly. The friendly atmosphere and delicious slices make Momo's a Tallahassee classic that every Aquarius will thoroughly enjoy.

Pisces—The Fish (February 19-March 20): Dave's Pizza Garage

While the Pisces, like everyone else, obviously enjoys delicious food, they are much more concerned about the setting and enjoying their company. Dave's Pizza Garage is a perfect mix of both—here, patrons can enjoy pizzas that are big enough to share and a laid-back atmosphere that's perfect for a Pisces to spend with their loved ones.