If you’re like me, you follow your horoscope religiously and trust that your sign will reveal your fate. From relationship to lifestyle advice, many people look to the stars to make their decisions about how to live their life, but did you know they can even help you decide where to eat next? If you want to know where to eat in Tenleytown, here are some ideas of where to try based on your zodiac sign. 

Aries - Guapo’s 

cheese, tomato, pizza, sauce, vegetable, chicken quesadilla, meat, bread, huevos rancheros
Maddie Cole

It’s no surprise that the spontaneous and daring Aries love a kick of flavor. That’s why Guapo’s, Tenleytown’s resident Tex-Mex spot, is the perfect pick for them. Aries love to take risks and don’t shy away from trying new things, which is why they would love Guapo’s bold flare. Some favorite dishes from the menu that an Aries might particularly enjoy are the sizzling fajitas, chile relleno, or lomo saltado.

Taurus - Z Burger

bun, bacon, cheese, beef
Krizza Santucci

As the most sensual of the signs, Tauruses savor their meals, meaning they may be sitting at this restaurant for a while as they finish every last bite. The array of hand-crafted burgers, hot dogs, cheesesteaks, and fresh-cut fries offered at Z Burger would appeal to a Taurus as it will leave them feeling full and satisfying their huge appetite. They might crave a milkshake with 75(!!) different flavors on the menu since they also love the creamy textures. Calories are no concern for a Taurus as they don’t worry too much about dieting.

Gemini - Le Chat Noir

bread basket, boulangerie, patiserrie, french bread, French, baguette, pastry, sweet, bread, dough, croissant
Julia Gilman

For a Gemini, the atmosphere of a restaurant is just as important as the quality of it’s cuisine. The French classic Le Chat Noir has a comfortable and home-like ambience that’s perfect for them. Geminis love to make connections and interact with others, and French dining is aimed to leave restaurant goers with an overall positive experience filled with good conversation. Family is also extremely valuable to a Gemini, so they will be happy to know that Le Chat Noir is completely family owned and operated.

Cancer - Angelico Pizzeria

meat, chicken, sauce
Megan Ryan

The gentle and sensitive Cancer not only craves comfort in their everyday lives, but also in the food they eat. Familiar and classic comfort foods are a must for them, and the “modern interpretation of classic dishes” at Angelico Pizzeria will make them feel at home. Angelico’s speedy delivery service gives them the option to stay in, a dining option that they would prefer rather than going out. They also tend to have sensitive stomachs, so the variety of carbs offered at Angelico’s could be a necessary part of their diet.

Leo - Kitty O’Shea’s

chicken, fish and chips, fish, chips
Savannah Carter

Leos are known for being the center of attention, and they won’t have trouble finding ways to do this at Kitty O’Shea’s. Since they are also spontaneous and adventurous, Leos will enjoy trying a new type of cuisine from across the world at this Irish pub. Kitty O’Shea’s stays vibrant into the night, and any 21+ Leos will enjoy socializing at the bar during their popular happy hour. For everyone else, they hold frequent karaoke and trivia nights where Leos will be ecstatic to be in the spotlight for the night.

Virgo - Cava

Pita, Street food, Mediterranean, falafel
Caroline Ingalls

Specificity and control is a must in a Virgo’s life. They must always be in charge of their decisions and like things to be a particular way. At the mediterranean favorite, Cava, customers order through a five step process where they choose the base, dips and spreads, protein, toppings, and dressings in a Chipotle-like style. This gives a Virgo the opportunity to build their meal fit to their personal taste. Virgos are also always on the go and won’t be able to sit for too long, and the large portions at Cava will make it they can have food leftover to enjoy later.

Libra - Panera

tea, coffee, chocolate
Caitlin Wolper

Libras are extremely harmonious and peaceful, craving a sense of balance in their lives and on their plate. Panera’s versatile menu, from the green goddess cobb salad to bacon mac and cheese, will allow for a Libra to try a little bit of everything. Their “You Pick Two” (an option where customers can choose small helpings of any two items on the menu) will make it even easier for a Libra to have the variety that they need. Libras also tend to have a bit of a sweet tooth, and Panera is known for their mouth-watering bakery items - only 99 cents with a You-Pick-Two order!

Scorpio - Muncheez

vegetable, pepper, feast, tea
Vicky Nguyen

Rich and complex flavors are a favorite of many Scorpios, as they enjoy the adventure of trying new things. Muncheez, the “hip, colorful haunt for eclectic, casual meals” as referred to by Google is the perfect place for a Scorpio to step out of their comfort zone and experience traditional Lebanese cuisine. They don’t mind a kick of flavor and have strong taste buds fit for an array of Middle Eastern spices. While some may turn away from the unfamiliarity of this food from across the world, Scorpios will embrace these new flavors and aromas head-on.

Sagittarius - SEOULSPICE

herb, condiment, pepper, cumin, cinnamon, relish, curry, chili
Hannah Linn

A defining characteristic of Sagittariuses is their love of travel and the earth. SEOULSPICE takes customers on a trip to Asia through its Korean comfort food fit to nourish the body and soul. Just like Scorpios and Aries, a Sagittarius won’t mind the spice in their meals, and the restaurant’s slogan is to “add a little spice to your day.” They prefer fresh and organic food due to their dedication to health, and SEOULSPICE guarantees that they serve farm-fresh veggies, house-made sauces and juices, no MSGS, and locally grown organic chicken.

Capricorn - District Taco 

Emma Veber

Stability and familiarity is extremely important in a Capricorn’s life. They know exactly what they like, which also pertains to the food they eat. District Taco is a local chain and a tradition in DC neighborhoods, and since Capricorns like to stick to what they know, this would be an excellent choice for them. They oftentimes will eat the same things that they did as children, so District Tacos’ simple menu consisting of various tacos, burritos, quesadillas and salads will be appealing and familiar to them.

Aquarius - Beefsteak

vegetable, pepper, onion
Gabby Quintana

Aquarians are oftentimes humanitarians with a passion to help the environment, and tend to be vegetarians or vegans. Unlike its name may suggest, vegetables are the central part of a meal at Beefsteak. With options such as veggie bowls and salads, Aquarians won’t have trouble sticking to the low-calorie diet that they strive to maintain. Due to their progressive nature with a passion for service, Aquarians will be thrilled to know that Beefsteak started KindnessUNLEASHED, a donation program that offers certain benefits to charitable organizations that they partner with.

Pisces - YOBI

sushi, rice, teriyaki, salmon, tuna, eel, seafood, sauce
Parsa Lotfi

As a water sign, it’s no surprise that most Pisces love to enjoy their fish. They prefer delicate food that is not too filling or difficult to eat. YOBI is known for their poke style bowls, sushi rolls, and sushi burritos, some options that will leave a Pisces feeling satisfied. They enjoy a beautiful presentation when it comes to how their food is brought out, and YOBI, along with many sushi restaurants, present their food as if it’s a piece of artwork. Pisces also crave intimacy, and YOBI’s menu along with its atmosphere serve as the perfect spot for a romantic and cozy dinner date.