Whether you like football or are only watching to check out Tom Brady's butt, Super Bowl 51 is going to be a great day. Most of us are poor students & can't jet off to Houston for the game, so here are the top locations to Celebrate Super Bowl 51 in Antigonish. 

Piper's Pub

pizza, beer
Devon McCarron

You know it well, you may know it so well you could have a frequent flyer card. For the game there will prizes, trivia, 50/50, a raffle, and food and drink specials. The raffle ticket comes included with the $5 dollar entrance fee. Most importantly Budweiser is on special — touchdown.  

The Golden X Inn

Your local university bar is also a top pick for viewing the Super Bowl 51. They have cheap drinks, good food and good company. You are also basically guaranteed a good time, especially when the event is being hosted by our favourite party residence MacIsaac Hall. 

The menu for the night includes $2.50 Draft, nachos, wings, mozza sticks, sweet potato fries, poutine, and hot dogs with the works. Doors open at 6:30 pm, with kick off at 7:30 pm. 

Split Crow

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Devon McCarron

You've been there countless times, whether it was for a casual beer with a few friends or a Split Crow classic like Hawaiian Night. You can always count on the Split Crow to have a great mixed age crowd with cheap beers and some great tasting food. This spot would be more of a chill hangout with Superbowl 51 playing in the background versus it being the main focus. 

Boston Pizza

In Antigonish, we are fairly limited when it comes to the sports bars. Luckily, "BP"s has friendly servers, big TV's and great drink specials. Sundays are Teaser Sunday, so you can look forward to $5.25 Caesars (a much needed necessity on a Sunday). There are also tons of excellent food options for sharing with a big group of friends. 

Your Couch

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Maddy Shannon

Watching Superbowl 51 from the comfort of you own home or a friend's house is also a option. You can save some money and stay in you PJ's. The trade off? You will have to make your own food and pour your own beer. (Sounds a little too ambitious for a Lazy Sunday in my opinion).

Regardless of whether you will be watching the game around a table, or having it play as background noise while you're enjoying some quality time with your friends, make the best of it because Monday will be coming in hot, bringing along with it papers and midterms. Have fun and enjoy the last hoorah of the weekend.