Harry Potter was a trademark of my childhood. My cousins and brother were the perfect age to embrace the wizardry fandom. So, naturally, I tagged along on the bandwagon as the youngest of the fam. We went to all the movies, read the books and even tried playing Quidditch. Even today, it's still fun to imagine how SLU compares to the magical school of Hogwarts. We may not have chocolate frogs and butterbeer but a B School sandwich is still pretty magical.

Harry Potter: Bill Grill

Harry is full of pride for his house. He lives and breaths Gryffindor. If Harry went to school at SLU he would embody the billiken in everything he does. Harry would eat, study spells, take Ginny on dates and even celebrate victories in the Quidditch arena at the most school spirited restaurant on campus. While not quite the same as butterbeer, rumor has it, they do serve beer to overage billikens (and potentially can be paid for via flex).   

Hermione: Einstein's 

Hermione would no doubt spend all of her time in Club Pius. She would likely be taking over 18 credit hours and barely squeeze in time to grab a bite to eat. Einstein's would give Hermione a perfect pick me up whether she is spending her nights deep within the Lewis Annex or tutoring Ron on floor 2. 

Ron: Grand Dining Hall

Ron is a mama's boy. He would be eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Grand. It would make him feel like home cooking and he would really cash in on the "all you care to eat" mantra that SLU advertises. Ron is even most likely to turn down the sophomore flex plan and opt for the unlimited swipe plan. And no doubt would he be the first one in line anxiously waiting its bunch opening at 10 am on Saturday and Sundays. 

Neville Longbottom: Bread Co

Neville would be the kid that religiously eats at Panera but insists on calling it "Bread Co" to be authentic. He would burn through all his flex in the first month of the semester and be totally confused at how that could even happen.

Dumbledore: B School Cafe

Dumbledore would spend his afternoons, enjoying the traditional architecture of the B school, after all, it is the closest thing we have to Hogwarts. He would love chatting up Barb, the lovely cashier, and becoming a regular customer ordering the "usual."

Hagrid: Subway

Hagrid is always on the go and has a variety of food tastes. The options available at Subway make this the perfect pick for him. Subway, being one of the closest dining options to Forest Park, would be an easy grab and go on his way to the Zoo. A footlong sandwich is even big enough to satisfy him and his pet Hippogriff.

Draco: Panda

Draco would put on the freshman 15 no doubt. He would pretend that Panda Express is actually good for him and that he is invincible when it comes to the effects of fast food. 

Luna Lovegood: Fresh Gatherings

Luna would need a unique, fresh option and that is just what Fresh Gatherings has to offer. She would love taking the med campus shuttle just for some fun people watching. Walking into Fresh Gatherings to see what's on the daily menu is just was Luna would be looking for. 

Clearly, every Harry Potter character has a perfect dining match on campus. All except he who shall not be named. He has no place at SLU. Personally, I'm convinced that he is low key the reason that Diab's and Hump's are gone.