At JMU Spoon we get super excited with the opening of new eateries in the Harrisonburg area, specifically with good places that college students can afford. And Hburg Bar and Grill is one of those places. 

Hburg Bar and Grill was kind enough to allow me and my fellow Spoon foodies to get a look at this new restaurant and it's grand opening on Monday, April 17th. So, here's the scoop.


coffee, beer
Madison Pessel

The Hburg Bar and Grill is located insanely close to campus. It is in the location of the former Tilted Kilt in the Valley Mall. This allows students living on- and off-campus the opportunity to stop by to grab post-class snacks or drinks at any time (well, technically Sunday-Thursday 11am-11pm and Friday/Saturday 11am-1am)


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Madison Pessel

This establishment reminds me of a sports bar. With ample flags of various teams and T.V.s, you are almost guaranteed to be able to 'catch the game' cause #sports. There is various amounts of seating too. So, whether you want to sit at the bar or at a traditional table, this is the place for you. 

Food and Drinks

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Madison Pessel

Ahh, the Pièce de résistance of any eatery. This place is filled with your classic good ol' bar food, like fries, wings, and burgers.

When we arrived, we were recommended to try 5 of the staff's favorite items: Fried pickles, the Quad burger (a 4-patty burger filled with all the fixings you want & served on Texas toast), the Big Pig BBQ sandwich (also served on some bomb Texas toast), Boneless wings in their special  Hburg sauce, and the flatbread piled with Mac n' Cheese and bacon.

cheese, bacon
Madison Pessel

If you need a reason to check this place out your reason should be the fried pickles. They were the perfectly crispy pickle chips served with an amazing ranch dip that made me and my fellow Spoon members end up eating the whole basket. Their fries were also another highlight of our visit.

cheddar, macaroni, bacon, cheese
Madison Pessel

Now, beverage wise they had plenty of beer on tap and fun fruity specialty drinks available daily. They also plan to have daily drink specials, allowing you to get your #drink on any day of the week.

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Madison Pessel

With our bellies full of good food, the Hburg Bar and Grill treated us to a plate of fried Oreos served with vanilla ice cream, strawberry and chocolate sauce. 

All in all the Hburg Bar and Grill is a place filled with good food, drinks, and a fun atmosphere. Go check it out this Monday, April 17th.