After a record long winter on Long Island, a well-deserved summer is finally here, which means it’s time to prep for that bikini bod. Skip the late-night diner run and Ralph’s Italian Ices and head over to one of these delicious, healthy gems.

1. Organic Krush

long island

Photo courtesy of @organickrush on Instagram

Organic Krush is your go-to, after-yoga lunch stop with an amazing atmosphere. You can order almost any healthy food under the sun, but the catch is it’s all organic. Feeling trendy? Order an acai or pitaya bowl. Under the weather? Order a bone broth with some of their many add-ins including pan-roasted tofu, grilled shrimp, ginger juice, quinoa and SO much more. I recommend an original Krush Meal with one of their many colorful juices that come in a trendy bottle. I sometimes get one just to walk around with the cool bottle.

2. Plant Strong

long island

Photo courtesy of @natalieterrone on Instagram

If you’re vegan or just enjoy a plant-based meal every once in a while, this is totally the place to be. They have amazing juices, smoothies, salads, wraps and strong bowls, but they are best known for their delicious and Insta-worthy smoothie bowls featured in the picture above. Not in the Long Island area? Make your own smoothie bowl at home.

3. Joni’s

long island

Photo by Hallie Schuster

If you’re anything like me, your summer getaway destination is Montauk. “The End” is truly full of chill vibes and healthy eats. My absolute favorite spot for a perfect on-the-beach breakfast or lunch is Joni’s. Between the seaside vibe and delicious food, there’s honestly nothing not to love.

Avocado toast is a personal favorite breakfast and I promise you have to try the Thai Me Up summer roll with tofu. You will be OBSESSED. Are you one of the ever-so-unfortunate people who are gluten-free and can’t have avocado toast? Have no fear. Try one of these six gluten-free alternatives to avocado toast.

4. Fuel Cafe

long island

Photo courtesy of @fuelyourbodycafe1 on Instagram

Planning on taking the train to LI? Stop at Fuel Cafe right near the Hicksville train station. Fuel is a Mediterranean cafe with fresh salads, pitas, juices, smoothies and power plates. Great food after a day of traveling? Nothing better.

5. Juice ‘N Blendz

long island

Photo courtesy of @juicenblendz on Instagram

Juice ‘N Blenz is the perfect place for a quick juice if you are in Babylon. They use only raw, unpasteurized, organic, natural ingredients with no artificial flavors to make your custom juice, smoothie or power shot. Also, throw some of their 24 add-in options including bee pollen, spirulina, and organic oats into your juice or smoothie for an extra-healthy boost.

6. Happy Bowls

long island

Photo courtesy of @happybowls on Instagram

I’m not sure about you, but I’m a little too obsessed with this whole bowl trend. There’s acai bowls, pitaya bowls, poke bowls and they are all just so Instagrammable and delicious. I’m not sure what else there is to want in food. Being the bowl-obsessed person I am, I’ve tasted quite a few of them and my favorite place at the moment has to be Happy Bowls in Montauk. I mean seriously, they have a PB&J Bowl, and for all of my fellow peanut butter lovers out there, if that doesn’t sound unreal to you, I am concerned. And for all of you health freaks, you MUST try their Earth Bowl immediately.