“Laughter is the brightest in places where food is.” This goes well with Locale, a recently started restro-bar near PVR, Saket. Spread over two floors, first being a disco-bar and the second meant for casual dining, Locale has a complete rustic look with the brick floor and graffiti on wall. A small area full of books by Danielle Steele and Liana Moriarty and antiques like typewriter, globe, fan and gramophone gives an edge to the place.

Fortunately, we visited Locale sometime back and here, we share with you what our three-course meal looked like there. 


Locale is a multi-cuisine restro serving North Indian, Thai, Chinese, Lebanese, Mexican and Italian dishes. For the starters, we had Mushroom corn cigar, String chicken with sweet and sour sauce and Mutton Galouti with ulta parantha.  

1. Mushroom Corn Cigar

sweet, cream, ice
Mehak Dhawan

 Mushroom corn cigar were potatoes stuffed with mushrooms, corn and lots of cheese and rolled like a cigar. This starter was both crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside.

2. String Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce 

sauce, vegetable, pasta, meat
Mehak Dhawan

Marinated chicken covered with long, crisp potato strings and served with sweet and sour sauce- what heaven looks like, right? 

3. Mutton Galouti with Ulta Parantha

beef, meat, vegetable, pork, bread
Mehak Dhawan

Mutton Galouti with Ulta Parantha was a perfect blend of all the flavors. You’ll want to have another piece of Mutton Galouti, just like us. It's definitely what #SpoonRecommends.

Main Course

vegetable, bread, meat
Mehak Dhawan

After such mouth-watering starters, our expectation for the main course increased and they were completely fulfilled. The chicken in Chicken Boti Masala was very tender and the gravy included a perfect blend of Indian spices. Dal Makhani won our hearts and was the show-stopper of the day. There are a few places in Delhi that’ll serve you with delicious Dal Makhani and Locale is definitely one of them. Both Chicken Boti Masala and Dal Makhani were complemented well by Butter Naan and Veg. Dum Biryani served with Raita and Curry.


milk, dairy product, cream, yogurt
Mehak Dhawan

Being a restro-bar, Locale serves n-number of drinks from shakes and smoothies to cocktails and mocktails. With our starters, we ordered Banana Berry Dream Shake and Ferrero Rocher Shake

Fully loaded with Ferrero Rocher chocolate, the Ferrero Shake is a must try at Locale.

Mehak Dhawan

Apart from these, the ever-refreshing Ice tea and Virgin Mojito are a must-try too.


chocolate, cream, sweet, ice, mousse, milk
Mehak Dhawan

Coming to our favorite and the most awaited part of the meal- desserts.

We ordered Tiramisu and Molten Lava and both of them looked very appealing. While the Tiramisu is a signature dessert at Locale, we would recommend you to try the Molten Lava too.

chocolate, sweet, cream, cake, pastry, dairy product, goody, caramel
Mehak Dhawan

Molten chocolate oozing out from the center and served with vanilla ice-cream, Molten Lava is going to satiate all your sweet cravings, we bet. 

These were some of our favorites from their menu, we look forward to hearing yours.