Since opening a month ago, BeanBerry Cafe is quietly finding its place within the bustling college town of Ann Arbor. Despite the many coffee shops in Ann Arbor, BeanBerry separates itself by offering unique items in addition to twists on classic drinks. As a result, the menu at BeanBerry inevitably has something for everyone. With items ranging from bubble tea to ice cream to what they call the “selfieccino,” I knew I was in for a treat.

The BeanBerry

Lauren Greenspan

The first thing I knew I needed to order was the bubble waffle; looking at the pictures on the menu it was exactly what my sweet tooth was craving. I opted for the signature BeanBerry waffle, because how could I not get that as my first dessert from the cafe? Just reading the ingredients made my mouth water: birthday cake ice cream, one birthday cake macaron, one mini vanilla cupcake, a rainbow lollipop, pink cotton candy, pink Pocky, a rainbow belt, two strawberry wafer cookies, and two frosted animal cookies. The bubble waffle was fresh, reminding me of the one's I always order from my favorite diner back home, and the only issue I had was how to begin eating it.  After struggling for awhile trying to figure out how to get to the ice cream, I settled on holding the waffle like a taco. My advice? Ask for a spoon!

The Hot Vanilla

Lauren Greenspan

Next up, I ordered one of their comfort drinks to complement the sweetness of the waffle. With options such as the classic Hot Cocoa, the Hot Vanilla, and the Caramel Apple Cider, it was a tough decision. Ultimately, I opted for the Hot Vanilla.

The hot vanilla was exactly what the name says; to me, it tasted like a warm vanilla milkshake. Although similar to a hot chocolate, the hot vanilla was not as rich and creamy, making it a nicer drink since I did not feel as full afterwards. Also, I really enjoyed the taste of vanilla in the drink as opposed to the usual chocolate which you can get from any other coffee shop. I would definitely go back again for this drink, and I'd recommend it to anyone else who likes vanilla better than chocolate.

The "Selfieccino"

Sophie Mohindra-Green

What really makes BeanBerry different is the level of customization that they offer on their cappuccinos. Deemed the "selfieccino," this drink is what people will remember about the cafe. You can personalize either your latte or cappuccino, and they are each reasonably priced. A "single" of the cappuccino or latte are each $2.95, and the printed photo is no additional cost.

The coffee itself tasted fresh and had the right balance of sweetness. The printed art is coffee extract so it did not alter the taste, but rather made drinking coffee more fun. Since I am usually not a coffee drinker, I really enjoyed this extra aspect of drinking a latte with my face on it.

The Menu at BeanBerry Cafe

Lauren Greenspan

Since I went by myself, I could only eat so much and that means I left a lot untouched. There is still more to explore on the BeanBerry menu, mainly their bubble teas and coffee drinks. If you’re an avid bubble tea drinker or are on a mission to try all the coffee shops near you, I’d recommend visiting BeanBerry as soon as possible.

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