Coffee, joe, java, liquid energy, bean juice: whatever you call it, this drink serves as the life support for college students everywhere. Although you can never go wrong with a peppermint mocha from Starbs as the holidays approach, the same scenery and options tend to become mundane after a while. Fortunately, Ann Arbor is home to a plethora of coffeeshops that offer more than just your basic venti cup of coffee. Spoon Michigan got the opportunity to venture on a coffee crawl and discover four of the must-try Ann Arbor coffee shops for students!

Vertex Coffee Roasters

Located on the end of South U, this Ann Arbor coffee shop prides itself on its commitment to serving rich, authentic coffee from all over the globe in a sustainable fashion, aiming to create zero waste. This is done by serving their drinks in glassware, offering reusable stirrers, and serving cream upon request. The owners strive to provide their customers with an inclusive, welcoming environment while preserving quality of product. The Spoon team got the chance to try the Mexican drip, both flash-chilled and hot, which had notes of dark sweetness.

Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea

This adorable chain offers an aesthetically pleasing environment perfect for studying, while still serving up delicious coffee, tea, and pastries. Currently located on East Liberty and soon to be in the newly renovated Michigan Union, Sweetwaters has a wide variety of options that range from a rich French Vietnamese au lait to creamy and delicious cold brews, as well as festive seasonal options like pumpkin spice lattes and peppermint mochas. Plus, they are located in nine other states across the U.S. and are continuing to expand, so Jersey peeps like me can get their fix when at home!

Le Bon Macaron

Alex Vena

If you are sick of the dreary Michigan weather and want to be instantly transported to a Parisian-style cafe, go visit this cute coffeeshop and macaron bakery! Serving up coffee sourced locally in Michigan alongside Sloane Fine Teas, their beverages are delicious and will have you saying "oui oui" to everything on the menu! Some cold weather must-tries are their chocolate chaud, a.k.a. French melted sipping chocolate (a.k.a. heaven in a cup), and their Heavenly Cream tea, which resembles a creamier earl grey. Not to mention, you can choose from their beautiful and vast array of macaron flavors to pair a treat with your drink. 

Beanberry Cafe

Alex Vena

As a new member of the Ann Arbor coffee scene, Beanberry Cafe is home to a wide variety of fun, delicious, and Instagrammable beverages and desserts. Ever wanted to see your face on a latte? Try out their selfieccino machine! The device uses coffee extract to print the picture of your choosing on the foam of your beverage. Plus, there is no additional charge to use the machine! Another iconic treat of theirs are their bubble waffle creations, served with ice cream and an abundance of toppings including macarons, frosted animal crackers, and cotton candy. 

The Spoon Michigan team had a blast on the coffee crawl. (I may still be recovering from the amounts of caffeine...) These are just four of the numerous places to go and get your caffeine fix around campus, so go and explore for yourself! While you're at it, go discover some of the multitude of Ann Arbor breakfast places to pair your coffee with!